I hate the world, but I want to see you.

I hate the world, but I want to see you.
Good night.

in the sawing and flashback of life, lonely people finally find a place to put their unease, release their emotions, and realize that loneliness is very important, because in a sense, loneliness redeems you.

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so it is appropriate to choose the image of the night sky. The night sky bears witness to the night returnees in every city. The poem says that there is always the highest density of blue in the night sky, but if you have never observed it carefully, you will mistakenly think that the night sky is "night" and it is black. And when you look at the night sky for an answer, you really stop to think about a specific question, what color the night sky is, and you feel lonely when you think about it.

but no one can sample the night sky, we will never know what color it is, so we will always be absolutely lonely, but we can snuggle relatively, so I hate the world, but I want to see you.

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life