"I hate college."

"I hate college."
If you don't like it, you have to hate it?

hate roommates, majors, teachers, club activities, cramped dormitories, morning and evening studies at school, exams, lectures, teachers' group homework, decadent life, canteen meals, slow takeout, access control, credits, worthless life.

the reason why I can say so many annoying things in one breath is because I also hate college.

some time ago, I called my mother to ask if I could drop out of school.

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on the phone, she was frightened by me and kept asking me what I did, what happened, and whether my classmates bullied me.

I said no, but I was tired of college life and wanted to take a year off and then come back to get my diploma.

(as a matter of fact, I want to work out alone for a year, and then go back and break the contract after the wings are hard. )

the final result is: as long as there is no problem with the teacher, she promised to suspend me from school.

the condition is that I get my diploma.

my sister called me that night and talked for a long time, and then I told her that the reason why I didn't want to study was:

I think this society only depends on ability, not everyone's diploma.

she was silent. After a while, she said to me:

"did you know that Mom went to the hospital to hang the bottle all afternoon? I know you have the ability and planning, but in their eyes, if you don't graduate, they will think that you have studied hard for more than ten years, and in the end you are only a high school student. "

I was speechless for a moment and couldn't speak.

"if you have the ability, you can do your own thing while reading. It's just useless to use reading as an excuse to hinder things."

then she hung up on me.

but recently I have been thinking that Han Han regretted dropping out not because he regretted not having learned what he had learned in school, but because he realized that his previous capriciousness was actually reckless.

Jiang Fangzhou, also a young and famous writer, commented: "what he regrets is that he did not learn to get along with knowledge."

I hate credits, but it's because failing courses affects your graduation;

hates the abuse on Weibo and becomes the new abuser when I "express my opinion".

I have a friend who went to teach in a private primary school after graduation.

finally, he added: "even in primary school!"

encouraged by more likes from the audience, he decided to have a head-on collision with life, knocking around, and finally he planned to find someone to partner with and sell fitness meals on Wechat.

in the first week, I asked my family to take thousands of yuan, plus the school subsidy, the house was rented, the kitchen utensils were bought, the Wechat was built, the people were found, and the art was done. Everything seemed to be on the right track.

in the second week, I took the rest of the money to make dozens of green bags, which could be sent by scanning the WeChat code, and the bags were sent out. Several people sat in the rental room for several days, seeing that the boxes of chicken breast stored in the refrigerator were almost past their expiration date.

he whispered, "forget it."

Don't rush to like anything else, even if you like something else, don't hate yourself.

there is a logic that is always misunderstood in the world, that is:

love or hate.

people are used to subconsciously judging their attitude towards a thing, and the parts we don't like are often understood as hate and disgust.

actually not.

there can be a lot of emotions between love and hate.

respect, such as understanding, such as neutrality, tells us not to break even if we hate it.

but there is a logic that is more difficult for us to realize, which is called

is essentially anger at one's own incompetence. "

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