I guess young people who go home for the Spring Festival will need this.

I guess young people who go home for the Spring Festival will need this.
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this team is called HOTSAR, which means "very handsome" in Chaoshan dialect.

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this is a platform customized as " A gathering place for young people " , aiming at all topics worth discussing, extending more meta-values. I hope to meet you here, too.

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1 before the editor comes back. You may not know your true image in the minds of your parents

3. Maybe you will personally send your parents to a nursing home

1. The foreigners you see here are all bought

3. People who take baths with cell phones may have a lot of secrets.


2. Good friends should also have anniversaries

1. On the contrary, I envy those who have the opportunity to be scolded

1. We are the very open couple you call

3. We married and had children, but only to gag our parents

5. Stop joking about getting back together.

1. Take it for fun. This is all the truth the show tells.


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because there is always someone unique around you.

the other day I complained to my friend why there were so many interesting souls while I was so bored.

she says: "being unique is not about being different, it's about the way you look at and understand the problem."

the most likely reason for some people is that they are special, while others are special because they can understand and appreciate special things.

I couldn't help laughing at the thought of playing cards as big as my face with my friends.

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