I finally don't have to think about you anymore.

I finally don't have to think about you anymore.
The "best" should not be the past tense, but the present tense and the future tense.

A Hai went to see the new movie "the Best of us"

with A Hai a few days ago. I didn't expect him, who was still laughing one second, and suddenly became silent.

to be honest, I haven't seen any campus-related movies for a long time. I don't want to see them so much as I don't dare to see them.

the longer you graduate, the more afraid you are of memories, especially those that can never go back.

those inextricable mathematical formulas, stack after stack of simulation papers, and the slogans shouted by the whole class before the college entrance examination all seem to remind me of the past.

so after watching "the Best of us", the box in my memory was completely opened. I thought not only of the girls who played well at that time, but also of the people I liked at that time.

until I secretly got red eyes in the cinema, I was relieved to a certain extent.


the only thing left is the feeling of "bitterness" in my heart.

and I said that I was relieved because I found that regret is what youth should have.

do not need to look back frequently after leaving, nor do we need to struggle after staying.

is the hand clenched when you leave, and the skirt that flies when you turn around.

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