I enjoy being together more than being ambiguous.

I enjoy being together more than being ambiguous.

of course, he didn't know I was looking at him, nor did he know that I was waiting for his apology and repentance.

not only because of his vulgar behavior, but also because of our second anniversary today, he didn't book any restaurants. We sat down at the restaurant we went to most often in the street of midnight snacks, the one we went to most often.

some time ago, my best friend's boyfriend suddenly said that she was not available, so she had to temporarily ask me to see the charity performance of Yoga Lin. Before meeting, I thought she was conscious of her conscience, and finally remembered that she had a friend like me.

I'm supposed to condemn her for treating me as a backup, but somehow my empathy broke out, and if my boyfriend suddenly changed his mind for no reason, I would definitely be mad.

unexpectedly, after hearing my words, she retorted in a low voice:


even now we recall the wonderful moments of the ambiguous stage, compare them, and give ourselves some comfort.

my aunt was in pain that month, and I knew it was useless to talk to him, but I just expected him to do something for me. After I talked on the phone, he went to the snack bar to buy a hot water bag, went to the teaching building to fill it with water, and asked the students who entered the dormitory to bring it up.

after he saw me talking in the group, he talked privately about the leader of that group and asked them if they could go a few more times so that he could push the group to the boys in his dormitory and let them all come. So in that winter when the weather was so cold that no one wanted to go out, I drank twice as much milk tea as usual, and I didn't feel like I owed him.

so much so that he really got together later, and he didn't want to try any more.

after the second anniversary, I sulked unilaterally for many days.

he seemed to filter out the cold tone on my phone automatically, but he was still foolish enough to come to me on time and take me to another barbecue restaurant for dinner.

the disappointment and boredom before the result were dispelled.

after going home, I spent a long time in bed thinking about what


I seem to be more attached to and dependent on this kind of intimacy.

although he will no longer deliberately take me to fancy restaurants, he will remember that I don't eat seafood, coriander or beef, and then completely deprive them of the chance to appear on the table.

Our beach bridesmaid dresses are defined by dramatic silhouettes concinnity . Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

I think the reason why my best friend wants to refute me that day may not really miss the other person when she is ambiguous. She just wants to give the most obvious example to prove that he also has a good side.

so that we can't even notice it if we don't deliberately observe it.

so "forgetting the second anniversary" has become something that can be tolerated, and "not as much like as before" seems to be acceptable.

"do I like him, or do I like this kind of'no more trouble'?"

but I don't have an answer to the previous question, and I don't want to look for an answer.

and in my opinion,

of course, he forgot the second anniversary, which is a serious mistake.

I've seen a lot of girls say they just want to be ambiguous and don't want to be together.

but after going through this, I was thinking:

because everything will sacrifice something when we get close to each other.

when we get close, the other person we see will not be so beautiful. Because his every move is in your eyes, in such a close situation, there is no need for him to disguise himself.

after thinking it over and over again, I admitted:

so back to my story,

he shouted "I'll go, I forgot" on the phone one night.

and I just laughed with him on the phone.

but it doesn't really matter, it's just that I secretly learned to accept the price.

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