"I eat hot pot four times a week, but I'm afraid to tell my parents."

"I eat hot pot four times a week, but I'm afraid to tell my parents."
"No one is born to fulfill his dream for anyone."

my parents are living in the room, and I stay up late at the other end of the wall;

the new stem that pops out of them has long been ruined by young people.

but because of that blood relationship, we still need to work hard to find a place in this world.

I am afraid.

and it may be more difficult for them to accept "earning but not saving" than "making no money".

because of the gap, it is difficult for parents to understand the existence of online celebrity shops, how to eat hot pot a week, let alone the meaning of paying 299 for a paid course.

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because of cognitive differences, they cannot understand each other.

this has almost become a common problem for contemporary young people.

my mother called me a while ago, saying that there was always something wrong with my mobile phone and that I couldn't turn it on from time to time, and asked me what to do with it.

then he opened all kinds of shopping malls, compared the quotations, chose them for half an hour, and offered her what I thought was the most cost-effective plan, which cost only more than 5000 after the discount.

after coaxing and cheating for a long time, it was not easy for her to agree to a new mobile phone.

I was a little surprised. I was afraid that she would be cheated, so I asked, "how much did you fix it?"

leave me stunned.

We buy several sets of clothes in a season, but there is little change in their wardrobe.

used to think that the elders were frugal because of the average family conditions.

in their eyes, this is the money to spend.

but I always find their life a little boring.

so I am nervous about all the good things. I would rather live a mundane life day after day, afraid to spend money and dare not enjoy it.

as a result, they say nice things, but in fact they are still the same, and everything is casual.

she bowed her head like a child who had done something wrong, then finally put down her sewing box and murmured softly, "it's not very economical."

at that time, I thought he was pedantic and still lived in the 1950s, thinking that enjoyment was the original sin.

in the early 1990s, I caught up with the trend of the times. when other people's average salary was still in the triple digits, my father was already earning thousands of yuan a month in a foreign company.

even around the millennium, my family became the first family to own a computer.

it's just that as I get older and older, the enjoyment part of their income becomes less and less, or even close to zero.

also forget that money can be spent for yourself.

up to now, I have given up the idea of changing them.

No matter what I say, they always adhere to the concept of "be prepared for trouble", and it is impossible to return to the era when they were left unrestrained.

what makes me sad is that even during the Spring Festival, they are so-called generous to themselves, but they only get some light because they are part of the family.

at this time, the best we can do is to make life better and more comfortable for our parents who can't reward themselves.

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is also time to give them a reason to have a moment to enjoy life for themselves.

Last year, at Guangmei's graduation exhibition, I saw a work with a line written on it:

that work was photographed by many people and posted to moments to show their attitude.

in the end, however, we did not find that since giving birth to children, many parents have been self-limiting, self-blocking, and living for their children.

but there are some people who fulfill their dreams for you after giving birth to you.

(treat me to lemon tea)