I dreamt about you.

I dreamt about you.
Some people suddenly appear and then suddenly disappear.

what impressed me most in A Dream of Red Mansions was Jia Baoyu's sentence: "I have seen this sister." Coincidentally, Wei Lian sang the theme song of the stage play A Dream of Red Mansions, called "like Zeng", and the lyrics were "Why can I only be the person of your dreams?"

I am a frequent dreamer, and I even read the word "dream" very seriously. For example, in the past, I suddenly said, "I think I'm going to get out of order." My friend frowned and asked why, I would seriously say: "Last night I dreamt of a girl. I never saw her. She had short hair. Although she was fierce, she was beautiful." I think my future girlfriend gave it to me in a dream. "

Dreams are fascinating because people always feel that there is some unexplained connection between dreams and reality.

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but I always feel that, in fact, most of the time, some things that happen in life are the same as dreams.

"Why did he just run away?"

"after he left, he didn't leave any trace, as if it never happened."

people love "evidence", but at the end of many relationships, there is little extra hard evidence other than photos and chat notes.

there is no evidence in reality. What happened in my memory is too similar to a dream.

people can't think of something that happened in reality as a dream. Things like Zhang Zhen suddenly appear and disappear, of course, in life, but no one can regard it as a dream.

I asked what's the difference between dream and reality.

I say that reality is also illusory and uncontrollable.

if I have to say, what's the difference between dream and reality?

I met a beautiful and happy short-haired woman in my dream. I may think that I will dream again tonight, but if I don't dream, I will never be sad.

A good dream is over. When I wake up, people say happily that they had a good dream last night.

I can understand, of course I can.

A favorite passage of 17 years comes from Happy Boys.

Zhao Yingbo is shy by nature. because he can't sing, he runs to the toilet to practice, and suddenly shuts up when someone comes. Under such an environment, he has made a lot of progress.

at the end, people asked him, "isn't it a pity?"

ask: "how do you feel?"

ask: "is it a good dream?"

people can't let go of a relationship, the biggest reason is persistence and necessity.

I dreamt about you, and that's enough.

Wang Zepeng:)

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