I don't want you by my side. I want you to have a good life.

I don't want you by my side. I want you to have a good life.
Parting is a common occurrence.

because I am rather pessimistic, I always feel that


that night not long ago, my good friend resigned from the company

talked about a lot of things I wouldn't talk about

maybe I wanted to keep him for a while

"I'll go first"

unexpectedly, he suddenly hugged me

I subconsciously smelled him

He kissed me on the cheek

perception was slowed down

almost without hesitation

at that moment, I suddenly confirmed that

We all know

so it must be complete, and deeply

this comfort does not tell you to say

, but to say

later. I made another friend

when I used to get along with others

I'm afraid that accidentally ruining the relationship

I don't have to be so polite in front of her

. Just give each other some "experience"


, but there is no need to resolve

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when we are together

in a relationship

there is nothing to be sorry about

want to be with friends

forever. It's enough to stumble

and a picture of each other

or a solemn farewell

and I can leave

you have a good life. With you by my side

I think you too