I don't want to wait for you anymore.

I don't want to wait for you anymore.
Don't take it too seriously.

after reading the messy tweets for the fourth anniversary in the early hours of yesterday morning, it took me one second to decide I was going, and another ten minutes to book my ticket and accommodation.


because I am a person who speaks one sentence at a time. I don't speak well, but I am a stubborn and rigid person. I always arrive at 09:50 when I have an appointment at ten o'clock. I feel sorry even after pinching, because for me, an appointment is a very heavy word.

because of the appointment, you have to get up again if you want to sleep in. Because of the appointment, you have to go out first when it is too late to eat, and other things have to be postponed because of the appointment.

so no matter how dissatisfied and disappointed I am, I can't blame them. In order to make myself feel better, I can only make up my mind that I'll be late next time, and I don't have to pay attention to them.

whether it is nature or inertia, people seem to inevitably repeat what they have done before.

of course, dating is just the least important part of an agreement. If you don't take it seriously, you won't be there on time, and it won't really hurt your bones.

when I was in junior high school, I liked a boy. He was the ruffiest and most dismissive boy in the grade at that time. I chased him for two years, and finally one day he said to me,

when he said it, it didn't seem like a joke, so I took it for granted and counted my fingers for life, waiting for the day to come to an end.

I have a feeling that he is trying to tell me that he doesn't have to perform.

that was the first time I knew that some people were ready to go back on their promises the moment they said the agreement, and then everything was a good reason to go back on their promises, and the farther away the appointment is from now, the more fully prepared they will be.

there is still so much time left that I will not really fall to the point where I have to fulfill my agreement.

maybe I really missed so many appointments that I became disgusted with the convention itself and wary of everyone who made it casually.

when you don't take it seriously and pretend not to care, they will say, of course, don't worry, and then when you really wait patiently, they won't mention it as if you forgot.

it doesn't matter if you are asked again, as long as you sincerely apologize and express what you want to do but can't do, you can block the other person from saying nothing.

I can't tell which agreements are taken seriously by one party, but they are doomed to fail at the very beginning.

after all, only one person listened to it.

saying so much is more than just complaining.

when I received their explanation or apology, I just said that it was all right. When I sent it out, I felt as if nothing had happened.

see clearly earlier that how much the other person is willing to put on it, he will be able to guess the agreement he can fulfill, and then put it up a little less, or don't take out the scale at all.

will not make the same mistake with the same person again.

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