I don't want to stay at home during the summer vacation.

I don't want to stay at home during the summer vacation.
It's easy to go home, but it's hard to stay at home with peace of mind.

I had just filled out the detention application when I called. Frankly, I planned to find an internship for a month and then go back.

but "I'm going to find an internship" means I haven't found it yet. after sitting at school waiting for the interview results for a few days, my mother broke me and came back as soon as she couldn't find it.

Summer internship is so common that the first line of application for detention is internship.

after I went out with that stack of paper, I looked through it, and it was exactly what I thought.

although we are only a sophomore this year, it is not yet time for internship, but people are keen on part-time and internship for more than one or two days.

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but she takes the subway for an hour three or four days a week.

one weekend I got up until nine o'clock, which was not too late. I had got up early in my dorm before, but I came back from washing that day and realized that I was alone.

then I'd better run or not.

because most of the current internships are for students who have plenty of time in their juniors and seniors, who are guaranteed to go to graduate school or who are going to go abroad, the internship will take at least three months to start.

but inexplicably, everyone is trying their best to find a relationship, it does not matter to rely on strength, no strength does not matter to lower the requirements, as if staying in school is not an option, but a must. all of them were found in the end.

We sat in the canteen, stirred the meal for a few times, and opened our mouth almost at the same time.

I didn't think about it. I first opened my mouth to comfort. It's all right. I'll just go home at the worst. Anyway, I'm only a sophomore and I'm in no hurry.

if there is any wine, I would really like to drink with her, because I understand her sentence so well. In fact, I don't want to stay in school at all. I just want to go home and recuperate and study when I have a mind.

when everyone will graduate and look for a job, they will have more internships than you and one more certificate than you, so you will naturally fall behind.

I remember that everyone used to rush home during the holiday and didn't even have time to say hello, but now it's different and everyone doesn't dare to go back.

in the face of these things, going home is about doing nothing.

it feels so bad. I can't eat well and sleep well. Going home is like torturing yourself.

when he came out of the dormitory with his luggage, his roommate didn't ask any questions, but just looked at him resentfully, as if he were looking at an alien.

but he found that it didn't take much time to take care of the elderly when he got home, and in his spare time he couldn't help thinking about his roommates in school and imagining what they were doing. It should be much more substantial than yourself.

it's easy to go home, but the hard part is to stay at home comfortably.

students in freshmen and sophomores are obviously more hesitant than juniors and seniors to stay in school. Many students go home, but there are also many students who stay in school.

it is not appropriate to come back halfway home after returning home, or halfway through an internship.

in the past few days, they have browsed into the moments like this. First, "I'm back!" Make an appointment. "do you have any recommended movies?"

I don't know whether it's a coincidence or a law. Although those friends who go home say that they learn everywhere, their original plans are forgotten as soon as they get home.

the result of my interview didn't come until yesterday. Although I promised my mother to wait a week, I still couldn't do it when I booked the flight.


has also talked to a lot of people about this topic, and people are always talking about which option is more valuable.

my mother said, "actually, you can do good work and learn things when you get home, right?" Why do you have to stay at school? "

it's just that when I came home from the holiday last year, I didn't even take out the thick stack of books in my suitcase.

but I know that when there is no environment to force myself, the whole person will fall apart completely.

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