I don't want to start school.

I don't want to start school.
You can look back, but it's just a waste of time.

is about "whether to let my girlfriend take my luggage to school". My father's argument is: "A handsome man, will you have the nerve to let your girlfriend drive you back by bus for two hours alone?"

"if you can't get it, take it twice for me. Anyway, I don't think you should ask your girlfriend to do that."

under his gaze, I took out my cell phone, pressed the voice button and sent the sentence "I'll go by myself this afternoon" to my girlfriend.

Wanna look gorgeous in these fishtail wedding dresses and shake things up a bit to bring oomph to your figure? Our huge collections of are better than the rest.

the volume of this sentence was controlled by me in the range of "he just could hear", and my father did hear it, because in that second, he stopped fiddling with the remote control.

I dragged my suitcase heavily out of the house, and when I went down the stairs, I had to go back and forth twice, because there was a large transparent plastic box on top of the suitcase, with a computer mainframe, toothbrush cups and toothbrushes, and bags of quilts and pillows, so I couldn't move them down at once.

"No." I said with clenched teeth.

"Hello? What happened to you? " My girlfriend's voice came from the phone.

"Why, can't I move it?" Her voice was still sweet when she asked.

"well, you should be safe yourself."

that trip took me about three hours, and each time I got on and off the bus was divided into two times, so each time, I had to accept the attention of a lot of people.

when I got down to the dormitory, I called my roommate and asked him to come down and help.

"such a trivial matter can be done by one person." I said.

during the process of reassembling the computer, I sketched out a plan for myself:

University is a magical place. I should study harder, but all my goals have nothing to do with my major. Maybe this is also a bad result of my parents' help in choosing a major.

so the first software opened after boot is not the planned ps and ai, nor word and Storm Player, but "League of Legends".

but how can happiness be allowed to stay in the first inning? Several "almost five kills" and "join me when I'm done" roommates, these elements work together to bring the game to the sixth inning.

"where to eat?" Roommate An asked. On the first day back to school, the rule of our dormitory is to go out for a good meal.

"it's better to go to Laoshan (some big stall), it's cheap and delicious." Roommate c talked about a new place.

while I was still replying to my girlfriend Wechat: "I'm at school, and I'm just cleaning up, so I forgot to tell you all of a sudden."

"OK," his girlfriend asked, "what are you going to eat tonight?"

"No drinking." This is the only request my girlfriend gave me.

but in the end, I didn't think about it clearly.

I didn't drink that night, because I'm not a person who likes to drink to drown my sorrows, and naturally I'm not the kind of person who drinks whenever I'm happy.

b smiled and said, "be happy."

I asked c, "are you happy?"

both b and I laughed. What a loyal guy. It's just that we all know that by this time next year, we may completely go our separate ways.

"September 1st" is like a line. If you cross it, you can only go straight ahead and turn back, but it's just a waste of time.

so I am worried that if c finds himself with a lot of falls tomorrow, he will make trouble for me.

I nodded to b and signaled to go out and have a rest in the hallway.


with a hard inhalation, the cigarette butts lit and glowed yellowish red.

he looked up at me and tried to maintain the male look in Wong Kar-wai's movies: "recently."

"I want to change a little." He looked at the girls' dormitory not far away.

when I came out again, I had a pair of disposable chopsticks.

I tore off the plastic sheet for him, snapped the chopsticks apart and handed them to him: "here's a cigarette for you."

"want to change," I also looked at the girls' dormitory: "also want to be different from others."

he slowly took the cigarette holder to his mouth, took a puff, looked at me as he spurted it, and said, "look, am I any different?"

because it's funny that two people who secretly agreed to "turn over a new leaf" in the new semester can only use this way to make themselves look "more different" on the first day of school.

maybe people actually prefer this kind of themselves.

then, in order to hide these "unwillingness", I can only refrain from being dissatisfied with myself, and then use the filter-added moments to tell others: "this is the life I want, this is my choice."

because it forces me to face the self that I don't want to change.

because it forces me to face the self that I don't want to change.