I don't want to live like the popular style of Taobao.

I don't want to live like the popular style of Taobao.
I am the most comfortable article in the warm Man Department.

any question has a standard answer, a standard score, a standard answer mode.

many of our things seem to be living in a standard template set by others.

the same age, the same marriage and children.

for matching, all you can do is click on a cat and click on the sort button.

your subconscious is doing something wrong, it drives you to find an equation about matching the "standard", but the result is often not satisfactory, so you become the seller's eye A, B, C, D.

its "non-standard" lies in four specialties.

White white

one, Special shape


soft powder SOFTPINK

We tried to explain it with some design cases, but later we didn't think it was necessary.

it's an attempt, even an expression of our attitude.

speaking of this, I would like to mention a little bit about one of the concepts of disorganized holistic design:

summed up in one sentence: what we understand is not to overturn everything all over again, but a sense of detail in the popular language family, leaving only a little trace of change is enough.

II, especially sweet

this time we use 210g pure cotton fabric, and as a comparison, the common short T of 79 yuan and 99 yuan in a certain closet will be between 160g~180g.

to be honest, we can make clothes "thin" and cost less, but why not choose this approach?

the reason for choosing "thick" is not only to give you better quality, feel and comfort, but also to prolong the time of clothes being washed and deformed many times and increase the durability.

not to mention the embarrassment of girls showing the color of their underwear, the bump on the chest of boys in summer is also indecent.

III. Special printing

in fact, we have tested both printing and embroidery.

in addition, the embroidery process will increase the probability of falling off the line in the washing process, causing damage to the clothing.

after weighing again and again, we chose the choice that is the most cost-effective for users.

IV. Special meaning

when emotional conflicts occur, he Baorong, played by his brother in the movie, will say to Li Yaohui, played by Tony Leung, "Li Yaohui is not as good as us."

when you are alone, you don't close yourself off because of injury and fear, but you can pick up the courage to move on and give yourself a new hope after being injured.

Why don't you say to yourself, "it's better for us to pass."

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