I don't post on moments, just change the cover.

I don't post on moments, just change the cover.
Only you can understand it.

later, I clicked on his moments and found that this is the cover.

I asked him, is there really twenty yuan saved every day?

curiously, I clicked into the moments of most of my friends to observe their covers. I found that unlike magazine covers, it has other functions besides beauty and guidance.

this year is the third year of Ah Xi's love affair and also the first year in a long distance.

but his cover is a picture of him and his girlfriend on the South Mountain Tower, stuffed in his trouser pocket in one hand and his girlfriend tightly held in the other. The sunset on the top of their heads automatically makes them look beautiful, very sweet, but I have no heart to eat dog food. Instead, I support him to do so.

then asked him why he didn't post it on moments. Many people must have liked it. He said that moments would disturb others, but the people who clicked in and saw this cover were all people who cared about him and wanted to share it with them.

when you think something looks good, you will unconsciously care about other people's opinion, because the standard of looking good varies from person to person. but when you think something is important, you don't need anyone's affirmation, because importance is a feeling and has nothing to do with others.

I want to remind myself not to forget some people. I was startled when I clicked on the moments of the most handsome boy in the class.

the background is still an old broken tablecloth.

but he disagreed and gave me a screenshot of the cover of the two friends' moments in the photo. I clicked on it and found that they were all these photos.

after my repeated questioning, he finally admitted that he was a little scared.

maybe most people will habitually move their eyes to the first dynamic place when browsing on moments, but those who want to use the cover to remind themselves will deliberately look at it from the beginning of the cover.

after all, they can click on the moments, which means they are not so busy.

in social networks, it seems that every move is for others.

there are two features that are more covert than them.

if you change the two, no one will comment on you, and there's no need to be afraid that others don't like it.

this is why I don't like to post moments, whether it's retweeting, sending photos, or even sharing a song, I will pay attention to the number of likes and comments, because if there are few, self-esteem and vanity will fall to the ground with a bang.

I finally don't have to worry about giving likes, not because I don't want it, but here, I can accept that no one likes it.

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in addition to the friend with the head of the post, there is another one that impresses me more deeply, that is,

"I don't hurt others,

I don't get hurt."

also because of her, I think there is a potential connection in all the functions of the cover, which lies in its private nature.

all we have to do is put what we want to remember or share on it. so I want to share the cover more with myself than with others.

only you, or someone who knows you, can understand what it is talking about.

Lu Yifei

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