I don't need you to be with me anymore.

I don't need you to be with me anymore.
Those were not very good days.

that song is called "what's next", from Hello Nico.

but when the prelude series of drumbeats sounded, I suddenly threw everything aside and thought it was really a hysterical song.

I always feel that it will feel a little better after following it hysterically for a while.

but always think that that song is important in the process of getting better.

so although the later road is still on its own, it makes the road behind it a little easier, though only a little bit.

at the end, the eel whale jokingly asked me if I was listening to cry.

and I didn't think of any heart-wrenching memories that day. I only had a very simple thought: "it's really nice."

but the truth may also be the other way around.

when Hello Nico sings "what's next"

actually, I haven't listened to this song for a while before listening to the concert.

it's as if it appeared in my life, just to ask me what's going to happen next, just to get me through that difficult period.

during that very dark stage, I wrote a lot of articles to comfort myself. Package yourself as "I have a friend", then scold him and encourage him to bless him.

it's funny to think about it.

I reply to her once in a while, occasionally saying nothing but to see how her day is going.

later, she once again appeared at the bottom of the article, leaving a message: "Wang Zepeng, I'm getting better and falling in love." I won't come to see you again. "

at that time, she didn't feel sad because she wouldn't come to see me again, because I think maybe she took what I wrote as a kind of support.

the purpose of our article at that time was to accompany you through the bad stages.

"I won't come to see you later" and "songs I won't listen to in the future" sound a little sad.

they just mean that will not need you to accompany me in the future .

it's as if I don't listen to "what's next" anymore, but I know that they bought tickets without hesitation when they held a concert in Guangzhou. When I learned that the ticket price was only 100, I was distressed to say that the ticket price should be higher.

so even if you walk away, it doesn't matter. I think I will remember everything I like.

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as soon as I entered the concert venue that day, I saw a girl carrying a cluttered Todd bag. At the end of the show, I came across several readers, one of whom was wearing our fisherman's hat.

at that moment, I will feel that we are really the same kind of people.

those who can be relied on and will like, are probably the same kind of people.

Wang Zepeng:)

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