I didn't die when I went to work in a big city.

I didn't die when I went to work in a big city.
I still remember the day before the official holiday in the company, I received a message from Pepe: "Editor-in-chief, Guangzhou has reserved a place for me."

she hesitated for a moment and didn't say no or no.

in fact, before I decided to move the company to Guangzhou, I asked my cousin, who had been working hard for nearly a decade, for his opinion. He touched the hairline and said, "come on. Although there is a lot of pressure, but there should be more public relations resources than Dongguan, which is more suitable for your company."

but as determined as a cousin, the first two years after graduation were dedicated to that complete failure. So during the summer vacation in 2015, when he was too disorganized and too young, he asked me, "Don't you want to start a business?"

he smiled and said, "that's good."

he didn't mention "Don't start a business" that day, but asked me in detail about our company's revenue, number of people, salary structure, and the location of the new office.

I smiled and said, "I know. I'm trying."

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is not the bar on Xingsheng Road and the Chaoshan beef hot pot with 150 per capita, nor is it an upscale shopping mall full of DIOR,LV stores, but Line 3, which moves without leaving at more than 9: 00 in the morning, with monthly rents starting at 3, 000, and the tremendous pressure of property prices announced in the news on any young man who wants to stay.

because big cities are cruel enough. It can be cruel enough to distinguish between strong and weak, and then eliminate batch after batch of people who are not strong enough with efficient operation and fierce competition, and then leave the good things to the strong ones.

although we may leave Guangzhou in disgrace a year later, and then write a vigorous tweet saying "good-bye", I believe that everyone who decides to go to a big city, their thoughts are the same as us at this moment:

maybe people explain to their families what they use: "I'm still young, I have capital", "I'm not going out and I'm afraid I'll regret it." But I don't think anyone will fight a battle that is bound to lose. It's just whether people are willing to show their cards completely.

maybe soon, this confidence will dissipate in the form of rout, but it doesn't matter. Because when you look back on the past, you will surely sigh like me:

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