I dare not date a guy who likes to pay the bill too much.

I dare not date a guy who likes to pay the bill too much.
Today is "think carefully".

this is the third time that I have eaten alone with him, and this time I asked him out.

every time I spend with him, I hardly have to spend a penny. It's not that I don't want to spend it, it's that I don't have a chance to spend it.

"Hello, the total is 382. How can I pay for it?" The waiter held the code scanning machine and turned sideways to him and said.

"ah? Did you ask for the check, and I also want to ask you if you want to add food? " While slowly dialing away my cell phone, he opened Alipay and bought another one.

until I saw a little bit of the house in front of me, I didn't seem to find my savior and trot all the way: "I'm going to buy milk tea."

the second after the clerk shouted the "matcha latte tastes good" in a Taiwanese accent, I whispered to the secret agent, "two cups of four Seasons Milk Green and Zhenbo Coconut Cream ice cream."

looking back, his foot was stepping up the steps of the counter, with the familiar payment code in his hand.

he was stupefied, nodded and locked the screen.

that means I can go out with him again next time.

1. Don't take girls to fancy restaurants every time.

3. Girls are afraid to suffer a "sense of debt", even if it is not the intention of boys.

5. Good night.

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