I can finally tear my face with my roommate who has lived for four years.

I can finally tear my face with my roommate who has lived for four years.
Don't spend four years putting up with it.

my heart trembled. I knew she was talking about either someone else or another roommate who lived under the same roof as us.

Why does that relationship, like the weather outside, change?


at the beginning of school, the two really got along well with each other, plus they were both from Guangzhou, so a "sweet, I both live in Panyu" is enough to open a prelude to a college friendship.

without even asking, just pick up each other's milk tea and take a sip, so good that there is no limit.

once, Chen Jia and I were the only ones in the dormitory. Watching her tossing about at her desk for a long time, I couldn't help asking, "what are you looking for?"

in the evening, the roommate came back, took out the homework paper and said to Chen Jia, "I borrowed your homework reference yesterday, but now it's on your desk."

the roommate didn't know that what Chen Jia was holding was a newly rewritten homework.

once there was a class friendship, we all went to the back mountain of the school to have a barbecue.

she seldom dresses up, and everyone is surprised to see it, and her roommate said directly in front of everyone, "Why are you acting like a ghost?"

but a few days later, Chen Jia went to the barber's shop to cut her short hair above the neck and came back to explain, "long hair is very hot."

so when graduation is approaching, the two of them will tear their faces completely because of trivial matters such as "who used whose hot water card".

after all, behind every outbreak, there are countless times of patience.

when many people encounter dormitory problems, they will choose to put up with it, just like Chen Jia.

this is a common fault of most college girls, always want to maintain superficial harmony, attach importance to the importance of integration into the group, peace of mind.

but they don't know that such relationships are actually fragile, and they are only supported by the words "out of love". Once this reason is gone, the relationship will collapse.

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on the last night before leaving, we have to bid farewell, go to fake grass to review all four years, and agree to invite each other to get married and so on.

another friend of mine in college, Ah Nan, put up with his roommate for three years.

when they have a birthday party in the dormitory, they will deliberately forget to inform her.

before graduation, Ah Fan chose an afternoon when all her roommates were away and went back to the dormitory to collect some important books.

when she was out of town on business, she was a little surprised and thought her roommates were thinking about it. Only later did she know that everything in the dormitory needed to be emptied.

"sometimes I really admire them, and they always have the ability to express the word 'please' in a tone that seems to say 'shameless'," A fan said.

getting rid of them is happier than getting a diploma.

in fact, "severing friendship" is not necessarily the rupture of a relationship, but a relief for those relationships that are teetering on the steel cable.

Huang Weiwen's lyrics describe "friend quarrel" as "seriously like a couple breaking up."

"break up should be ruthless, say break up do not wait, and so on will not fit".

I remember that she had been complaining to me that the watch was uncomfortable to wear, but she had to wear it all the time for fear that her roommates would be unhappy.

others say that Chen Jia is unusually ruthless, but I think she is really tired in this relationship.

I used to be pessimistic about the fact that life is a "stage".

now I am grateful for this "phase" because it gives us a chance to get rid of some unbearable roommates, colleagues, friends and relatives.

while the roommates are still thinking about that little ninety-nine:

photos taken at the party, how close the text should be sent to the moments, and how many groups to build outside her.

it is necessary to pay attention to the timing of "breaking up" between adults.

but in my opinion, this so-called stage is certainly not a dry wait for four years for graduation.

first of all, the rarest thing in college is not friendship, but a sense of division.

second, jump out and stop putting all the vision of the university in the more than ten square meters of the dormitory.

there is a sea under the bed