I bully you because I like you.

I bully you because I like you.
I'm just trying to bully him, not to get rid of him.

this ability is called bullying boyfriends.

after the fight, I came home and he was asleep

I asked him why he didn't coax me

he forgot a lot of things he promised me

have you ever thought about breaking up?

just take vengeance back

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when I am unhappy, I will deliberately tease my boyfriend

that day, he didn't reply to my message all afternoon

to wake him up and ask him to come and help me adjust the water temperature

when I wash my clothes, can I deliberately forget to press the switch

to bully him?

the only one who can bully me in my life is my boyfriend

A lot of contradictions have not reached the point where they need to be reasonable

"mischief" is a milder way than "reasonable"

is nothing fair

what if he's sad that day?

but when there is a quarrel

it depends on who is more angry

then I will first appease him

of course, we will still "stop as soon as possible"


I never really thought about why I bullied him like this, so he said I was unreasonable, and I admitted it.

but after interviewing them today, I found that this is not the case.

those so-called "vexatious things" are forgiven again and again in our hearts.

how many times we are willing to forgive a person shows how much we like that person.

Actor / Ye Jingfei Li Xiaoqi

Design / Liu Bai

Actor / Ye Jingfei Li Xiaoqi

Design / Liu Bai

Design / Liu Bai