"I bought a pair of AJ for 100yuan."

"I bought a pair of AJ for 100yuan."
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A Yu and I were walking on the school road that day when he suddenly whispered, "fakes."

I followed his eyes and noticed a boy in AJ shoes coming across from me.

"do you know him?" Ah Yu shook his head.

"then how do you know he's wearing a fake?"

"you can see at a glance that the AJ7 French blue uppers are so low that they must be fake."

paused, he added: "and the white part of the toe is too long, the real one is not that long."

after listening to these two sentences, I was impressed by A Yu. I didn't expect that he, who was usually fooling around, had such a powerful hidden skill.

so I patted him on the shoulder: "you can be an appraiser."

but he bowed his head and said a little sheepishly, "I know what a fake is, because I've bought a lot, too."

then he slowed down and told me his story.

"step on his shoes."

A Yu used to have no idea what AJ is.

at that time, he wore whatever shoes his parents bought. Once, pointing to the special step under his feet, he said to his mother, "very comfortable." From then on, his mother only bought him special steps.

A Yu is not tired of wearing it. On the contrary, he thinks that this brand has a high performance-to-price ratio, and the cross sign on the shoe body is also quite cool.

but this idea was disillusioned immediately after he entered high school.

because he found that when playing basketball in PE class, all the boys in the first team had AJ at their feet, and only they were wearing a pair of special-step net casual shoes.

it was the first time that A Yu was ashamed of his shabby.

but he only envied others a little in his heart and didn't think about it. After all, everyone's family is different, and some things cannot be compared with others.

"just a pair of shoes, just wear them." That's what he told himself.

until once, when he and his roommates had just finished playing ball, several people walked back to the dormitory covered in sweat. One of the roommates accidentally stepped on another roommate wearing AJ.

the roommate who was trampled was angry and blurted out, "Why are you stepping on my new Georgetown?"

at this moment, he suddenly glanced at A Yu's shoes, pointed to the special step and said, "if you want to step on his shoes, too."

then everyone burst into laughter at the same time.

it was at that moment that A Yu realized: shoes really can't be worn, and the brand determines what other people will think of you.

so the next day, he placed an order with his WeChat business friends and placed an order for a pair of fake AJ.

if there is a reason for buying fakes, then A Yu's reason seems a little sad.

"I just don't want to be hurt anymore." That's what he told me.

"it's useless, don't install it."

the day AJ arrived, A Yu excitedly picked up the delivery and opened the package nervously when the dormitory was empty.

it was a pair of white cement and looked quite new, but A Yu quickly noticed that the red "flying man logo" on the upper was a little different from that of his roommate's black cement.

A Yu put two pairs of "cement" together and watched them carefully, only to find that his white cement was too fake.

not only is the "flying man logo" rough, the thickness of the cement pattern line is inconsistent, but the texture is also very poor.

the roommate's pair is so strong that the heel of his shoe flattens as soon as he presses it.

A Yu's mood flattened like the heels of the fake shoes. He thought dejectedly: Fake's stuff will always be fake, and it can't be real.

later, A Yu found himself a part-time delivery job, riding a broken electric car around the campus every day, and was reluctant to buy a cup of kumquat lemon when he passed the milk tea shop on a hot day.

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A Yu saved 800 yuan in a month, then found his most trusted friend and bought Shuanggao imitation AJ13 black and red.

my friend said that except for the packaging and soles, the others simply can't be seen to be fake. Ah Yu himself studied it for a long time and determined that it was no different from the real thing before he finally dared to wear it and play ball.

unexpectedly, the next day, the roommate said, "Yo, did you buy a pair of high imitation?"

A Yu froze for a moment and could only nod. I wanted to ask my roommate how I could see it, but I held back.

after all, it's embarrassing to be seen wearing fake.

later, A Yu overheard a conversation between two roommates:

"how do you know he bought high imitation?"

"just because you can afford it doesn't mean you can afford it."

since then, A Yu has not bought any more fakes, but has become a seller of fakes.

he partnered with his friends to start a WeChat business, added more than 1,000 friends through various channels in a few days, and then frantically scanned the screen on moments, selling all kinds of high-quality knockoffs.

they go to Guangzhou Railway Station or Shahe to buy goods every weekend, and carefully choose the best A goods to sell. So although it is not authentic, but most people can not see it. The price is not high.Low, most people can afford it.

coupled with the fact that people around me are crazy about brands such as AJ, NIKE, supreme, stussy and champion, there are many friends looking for A Yu to buy goods.

he also made his first bucket of gold by virtue of this.

at this point, he couldn't help laughing: "it sounds ironic that I bought myself an authentic suit with the money from selling fake goods."

however, when he heard that he would be sentenced to work as a WeChat businessman and sell fake famous brands, A Yu stopped and became a purchasing agent, regularly going to the counter in Hong Kong to bring authentic goods.

I thought that if the price became higher, there would be fewer customers, but I didn't expect that more people would buy things from him than before.

"however," A Yu paused, "in fact, there are some clients I don't want to buy for them at all."

they keep saying that they want AJ , but they don't even know what the whole spelling of AJ is. There are also many people who refer to supreme as superme .

having been in the clothing business for a long time, A Yu feels more and more that

just like many people think that champion is a sweater worth more than 1000 yuan, they only see the price. But for A Yu, it represents an affirmative attitude towards life.