I belong to you. Jpg

I belong to you. Jpg
The misgivings that arise when you like someone will in turn consume our love.

there are many ways to know whether your place in a person's heart is important.

and the easiest way is to see if the other person is willing to let you leave a mark in his life.

what I share with you tonight is a story about "doubt and certainty".

after knowing him for the third month, I finally went to the cinema with him.

because he neither held my hand nor expressed his heart to me on his own initiative.

but I didn't have the courage to take a picture with him, so I had to pretend to inadvertently take out my cell phone and press the shutter toward the sky I had seen with him.

look forward to what he will send to make you a little more sure about your relationship.

although she didn't say anything, she seemed to feel that she was quite happy to receive these books.

A photo is a hole in one's inner world. You can see his attitude from what a person can shoot, post it to his moments, or delete it before long.

and I still don't know what his attitude towards me is.

when she was looking at the sky, she suddenly wanted to film her.

after thinking about it, I felt that this move was a little ambiguous, but I just looked up and patted the sky.

I quite like this sunset. I want to post it in moments, but I don't know what text to match.

not mentioning her seems unfair to her, as if her identity has been deliberately hidden;

is eager to determine the direction without taking a few steps, on the contrary, he is not responsible to her, but also to himself.



is eager to determine the direction without taking a few steps, on the contrary, he is not responsible to her, but also to himself.


but I know it's no use. As long as he doesn't want to hurry, we can't get up.

but being too active can lead to the loss of a comfortable relationship.

all I can do is click on his avatar and send him a message: "Thank you for taking me home tonight. Good night."


although I don't want to move too fast, if she really has no feelings for me, I still feel a little missing in my heart.

until more than two o'clock in the morning, I think I already know the answer, so I deleted that moments before I went to bed.

this is a somewhat regrettable story.

even if it is really sent out, it will not make the words too clear.

may just be a very ordinary picture, accompanied by a very simple sentence, but it expresses a lot of things. Because every photo is a small movie in the inner world.

although the things recorded are daily, they are reconciled again and again between him and time.


for example, it is common that you are not good enough, do not know what the other person thinks, and are afraid that your own initiative will cause trouble to the other person.

some people choose to indulge in these "uncertainties", thinking that they don't have to make choices.

this is also the reason why the two people in the story give up easily. Their affection for each other is worn out bit by bit in each other's guesses.

A reader once left a message at the bottom of my article, and I still like what she said:

but it's not worth wasting time guessing each other's mind.

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