I became an uncle today.

I became an uncle today.
Welcome to this world.

I know you still don't understand what "uncle" means. Because at the moment, in your mind, the world is chaotic.

that is, you are crying now, but you don't know why you are crying. You can't laugh yet, because you haven't found a reason to laugh.

but it doesn't matter. We'll figure it out later.

it doesn't matter to you now.

Sorry, I've gone too far.

because I want to tell you a story.

it's you, and time.

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and this "time" is divided into two parts. One refers to all the time your parents experienced before you were born, and the other refers to all the time you will experience next.

for your arrival, that girl, your mother, my sister, spent thirty years trying to live in a world that wasn't exactly what we wanted.

but I know that she was reluctant to give up when she was a child.

I'm not sure what happened in between, so you'll have to ask her yourself.

there must be reluctance and reluctance, but don't feel sorry for her, because this is what life is all about (wouldn't it be a little cruel to say this to you now).

I asked her why.

Yes, your mother is such a strange person. She can always find meaning in the meaningless, and then live well in the meaning created.

that is to say, it is up to you to supplement this part later.

so this story comes to the second part that I just mentioned.

will you have long hair in the future? I have no idea.

will you give up the city you like? I don't know either.

she is a good sister, so I believe she can also be a good mother.

of course, sometimes this "protection" can hurt you, so I suggest you remember to say it when you feel hurt.

finally, as an uncle, I don't know what kind of girl you will become, but I still want to give some suggestions for your reference in the future:

2. If adults can't answer your questions, you're on the right track, so don't back down.

4. Having the choice of "no choice" is sometimes more precious than having countless choices.

I wish you freedom!


Zhang Jingzhi