I am single because I have a real fetish.

I am single because I have a real fetish.
Am I being too harsh.

"etc., from nightfall to dusk"

maybe I have been single for too long, and my friends around me always unconsciously speculate on the reason.

you walk so slowly that boys won't wait for you.

you like giving gifts so much that boys will be under pressure.

it took you half a day to reply to a message, how could anyone fall in love with you?

I know they mean no harm, but their reasons are so varied that they make me feel as if it's not because I can't fall in love, but because I can't fall in love, which makes such little things praiseworthy.

is also because I don't believe it from the bottom of my heart, so no matter how warm-hearted they are, I just pretend to be angry and fool around every time, and I don't look back on myself afterwards.


the reason for this special reflection is that there are a lot of pictures in my head at that moment.

I remember that in the seven hours before they arrived in Kyoto that morning, I walked more than 10,000 steps in the cold wind, walking from the hotel to the shopping street where I knew it was not yet open, and then walked all the way back to the hotel along Yachuan. On the way, I talked to the grandfather who walked the dog and cheered the high school students who were practicing long-distance running.

after all, the psychology of the victim is always terrible. It is easy to feel that others owe them. If you find something else to do, you will be able to keep the other person's face as lovely as it was in your heart, and you will be able to avoid that stupid, unresponsive one-sided nuisance.

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I was surprised that I had done so many things to "don't look so serious", accompanied by memories of the phrase "Don't do this" that my ambiguous partner hated when I was angry. Impatient "interesting" when I didn't say a word.

(later I took the middle path)


the thorns said that when we were looking for a place to eat after we went down to Lanshan.

he wasn't frightened by the angry face I was about to pile up, but he went on to say,

"you are angry with someone before he is your boyfriend."

five minutes ago, we passed a store around a relaxed bear. Attracted by the cone sign in front of the store, I couldn't help looking at vivi next to me. After getting permission from her, I couldn't wait to go in. First to the left, then to the right, I picked up every cute gadget and reluctantly put it down, trying to make a final decision.

"Don't buy it or go." This sentence is like an ultimatum. I know I have to go. If I don't go, it will be a violation of what I thought at first and will not affect their plan, and I am a person who seldom goes back on his promise. I have influenced their choice of food and should not encroach on them any more.

so I didn't say much except the sullen expression on my face, but I knew he saw it and understood the contradiction and loss in it.

I feel that there is a small part of the helplessness of being speechless angry with girls, some of the irritability of "not so easy to get angry", and many of them because of the unease and bewilderment of an angry person around them. maybe there's a trace of regret for going with me.

after the analysis, I seemed to understand all the boys who had shut me out before, why they did not accept me or explicitly reject me after spending some time with me. Instead, it gave me an illusory picture of "maybe together in the future" to cajole me.

(thorns and vivi seem to be in harmony)


A friend asked me if I would accept a blind date.

I always seem to have the prejudice of "only people who can't fall in love normally go on a blind date", and I know very well that I don't want to be a person who needs a blind date to start a relationship.

We are often anxious to care before we can make progress, and the most excruciating thing is that the result of disappointment after we care is not to let go, but to get angry silently, and even vaguely vent our pent-up emotions on each other, giving them more pressure.

and people like me who are too serious are always unwilling to torture themselves.

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