I am no longer afraid that you will leave me.

I am no longer afraid that you will leave me.
Maybe after reading it, you will feel better.

the brightest star in the scientific sky fell in March;

Miss Lan can only leave the back of Chun San Niang;

just after the first seven days of the chivalrous man, another great super universe suddenly died out.

2018 is helplessly called "the twilight of the gods".


those of us in our 20s mean that most of our parents are in their 50s at most, and if nothing happens and ignores the beer belly and flabby skin, our parents can still be classified as "healthy".

after three o'clock that afternoon, my mother came ahead of time to pick me up from school.

when I was young, I didn't quite understand what this meant. I foolishly handed the tissue to my mother and said, "Don't cry, or you'll disturb Grandma."

it was only later that I realized that even a mother who didn't like to cry could not wake her up.

during a holiday in college, I heard my father hurrying out in the middle of the night at home. When I woke up the next day, I received a phone call asking me to take a taxi to the hospital to see my aunt for the last time.

as a result, the next "meeting" will be in ICU.

at last I watched her get on the hearse.

I thought it was a side effect of growing up, who knows in the normal afternoon a few months later.

because I can't disturb my aunt.

No one has ever taught us how to face death and how to say goodbye at the last minute.

but the good news is that each time, it is left to us to accept it, and it takes long enough to relieve this kind of "caught off guard".

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the average human life expectancy is 75 years.

Grandma and aunt died suddenly because of a heart attack, and the aunt was in her fifties at that time.

it's a pity that I'm still so young. My children have just got married and I have a grandson. It's time to enjoy happiness. It's too early to leave. It's too sudden.

later, when we slowly grow up, we realize that what is wrong is:

because we can tell ourselves that accidents are accidental and do not happen often, and people live in their seventies and eighties on average.

but after the age of twenty, things are completely different.

similarly, Stan Lee has spent 95 years in this world.

for us, their departure was always an accident.


as we grow up, the departure of those important people around us will more and more change from "accident" to "normal".

in the future, we will never have a long time to calm down every grief.

because they will leave one after another in the near future, we are bound to face the wave of death in the future.

so we must learn to face death.

some people are considering buying insurance for their parents again.

some people send video invitations to important people for several days in a row.

of course, everyone knows that death is bound to come, so these preparations can't stop them at all.

there seems to be only so much we can do.

but things are not as bad as you say.

some people leave deep thoughts;

have left behind happiness and love.

go on in our lives.


is it true? I have no idea.

because I always think that those who leave, probably want us to remember them.

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"Spring is far behind but summer has not arrived"

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"Spring is far behind but summer has not arrived"

ask two questions:

did you star us?