I always feel like everyone is yelling at me.

I always feel like everyone is yelling at me.

I took a lot of defensive measures at first, blocking contacts, muting my phone, and trying not to chat with anyone.

but it also turns out that sometimes people really have to be yelled at.

so there is often such a scene in our lives.

in fact, most of the time he is not fierce, just rational, rational means hitting the nail on the head, and often means throwing cold water on you, but the more suddenly the cold water comes, the colder it will feel.

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so when I got it, I had to browse my moments first, quit Wechat to watch Weibo, and then open it as if nothing had happened.

for the sender, voice becomes the channel to get the most information when you don't get a reply very often. Since you can't get as many times as possible, then as much as possible at once, and it shows more respect than a text reply, because a person who wants to be perfunctory will not choose to send a voice.

when some people see people floating in the sky, they will praise you at the bottom and make you float higher, and some people will drag you down and tell you not to do so.

so sometimes luckily, he will send a voice message to tell you what's wrong, rather than prevaricate with a good sentence.

know that you are not good enough, but dare not admit it, can only use other people's fierce as an excuse to divert attention, or usually talk and do things carelessly, feel OK, suddenly when someone tries to communicate with you seriously, you will think that he is abnormal and that he is fierce.

so now every time I see other people use "good drop" or "good" instead of "good", I always feel that they don't really like to say this, just taking into account each other's feelings, but it's not necessary.

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