I admit that I want to be accompanied when it is cold.

I admit that I want to be accompanied when it is cold.
It's not as good as us.

the two new sweaters are for everyone's winter.

another one is Wong Kar-wai's custom printed hooded sweater.

Why is the warm men department called the warm men department, why is it not the product department, not the e-commerce department?

We hope to treat everyone with a "warm" attitude.

so we will make special tags for each series, and express parcels will also contain letters from designers to friends.

and these achievements, first of all, I would like to thank the readers who trust us, and secondly, I would like to thank us for our mentality of treating you as friends.

in accordance with the usual practice, today I would like to introduce to you two new items recently.

"Spring break"

"in the mood for Love"

it is worth mentioning that this English font refers to the unique chisel design of Hong Kong and Macao signboards.

as we all know, the "Let's start all over again" series is inspired by what he Baorong said to Li Yaohui in Spring:

this time we chose this sentence as our copywriter for two reasons:

in addition, we hope to convey to you a sense of starting all over again. I also hope that you can share your different understanding of starting from scratch with others.

because everyone left a message saying that they wanted us to have a dress with multiple colors, so this time we chose eight different colors.

because it was expected to be new in early December, the sweater this time is velveteen.

The impressively beautiful white knee length dresses is on the most affordable sale. Our beat gift is our unique selection.

at the same time, every HAPPYTOGETHER sweater is equipped with a small sticky roller to prevent sticky hair problems caused by static electricity.

messy clothes are washed and pre-shrunk. In other words,

(but it is recommended that you wash by hand for the first time, one is because the previous washing may fade slightly, which is normal, and the second is that it can also maintain the clothes themselves. )

the logo on the left of the image above is a disorganized pictographic logo;. The characters on the right are extracted on the basis of custom words, and then form a new pictographic symbol, which is not as good as the logo of the series we start from scratch.

everything can be started all over again.

We first saw this picture from our mobile phone cases. when we designed it, we wanted to convey some emotions related to the film through the movie screen.

but later, for various reasons, we decided to produce only the first one, that is, the one with the king of sunglasses.

so we chose to create with Wong Kar-wai's sunglasses to keep the stories, shadows, and pictures behind these sunglasses.

event details: friends who have bought the "Let's start over" series can use the coupon when they show a screenshot of the past order and the coupon to customer service.

event details: from now until December 8, 2018 (that is, Saturday), when you show the above coupon to the customer service, you can enjoy the voucher price of 169 yuan, the original price is 199 yuan.

remarks: the discount price of single product is the lowest at present, and the discount of double twelve will not be lower than this, please feel free to buy.



of a man without clutter.


of a man without clutter.