I admit that I had something to do with her death.

I admit that I had something to do with her death.
No one really came out.

the causes of this kind of tragedy are as varied as its number. They are not good-looking, their boyfriends change frequently and do not come home all night. These minor problems do not hinder anyone. Once put in the soil of rebellion, everyone scrambles to talk about it and play the positive role of a discipline picket.

that group of boys are very happy. Apart from getting together to snipe at good-looking girls and laughing at girls who are not so good-looking, they, like all boys of that age, play basketball, go to Internet cafes and play mobile phones in class.

the reason for saying this is that I was still excluded after entering high school, even my good-looking friend was not spared, just because her current boyfriend was a guy that a girl once liked but didn't catch up with.

soon, friends are disturbed by those rumors. "slut", "mean" and "shameless" are all on a high school student, and the sense of shame can be imagined.

I remember that in the last two years of high school, the 1.7-meter-tall, thin, black girl sat in the corner, had fewer and fewer opportunities to speak, and her rumors no longer worked. My friend slowly had another friend, but there was no more excitement around her, and in the end, she didn't even take a graduation photo.

this emotion lasted until the first summer vacation after I went to college. When I was having dinner with that friend, I suddenly brushed the news of the pesky girl's death on qq, which I hadn't opened for a long time.

I still remember the response in the group at that time. Apart from the shock and regret of a few teachers, no one expressed any sympathy.

I know why my friends don't sympathize with her, not only because of the experience of being bullied, but more importantly, the after-effects of those mischief are still rooted in friends.

I also know why the students in the class don't sympathize with her, because they think it's none of their business. Since she has done bad things, she deserves to die. Even they may have thought that campus bullying was cool, a symbol of power, and even imitated and practiced.

when he was in junior high school, Guo Jingming had a novel called "A River of sadness against the current", which is not the name of mainstream literature and art. Recently, its film adaptation has been released.

but two hours later she told me that she saw Tang Xiaomi in herself.

I don't think it's her delusion. The real Yi Yao can probably see Tang Xiaomi in herself. She throws the volleyball back, throws back the garbage, and sticks the gum back to the girls who bullied her. At those moments, she will probably notice that she is not like herself. Her friend is luckier than Yi Yao. Her boyfriend at that time didn't hate her because of the minions she evolved to attack, but Qi Ming in the movie did.

bullying is like an echo wall, it is two-way, and there is no accident. When you start to bully a person, you will eventually receive the same consequences. Tang Xiaomi in the movie has never had a true friend. The girl we hated outside the movie didn't even ask for the news of her death.

Yi Yao, who starts to fight back in the movie, will only be bullied even worse, and the friend who borrows her boyfriend's hand to fight back in the movie will be at a loss as to what to do about his face afterwards.

the best solution is only if they come forward, stop it, and don't be biased against either side after the problem is solved. Instead of asking the victim to be strong and brave, as Qi Ming did, she asked herself to get rid of it.

even for this reason, the film is worth watching, and it's time for us to reawaken our compassion and sense of justice, not as pickets, but as blockers of bullying.

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to bully anyone is to bully yourself.

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