Hug you if you can.

Hug you if you can.
Hug deeply.

at that time, I thought this person's painting style and aesthetics were quite interesting, so I added Wechat and asked if I wanted to come for an interview.

this is my first contact with him.

the story is very short, it should be only about 30 short.

"I want to recruit this person."

Li Tian and I made an appointment to meet near Guangzhou Tower.

before I went, I was actually quite curious about this person. I thought that the person who could draw such a picture would look like a person who would write such a story.

he was a big man with a black vest, a strong figure and two big flower arms.


"are you... Brother Zepeng? I'm Li Tian. "

We had another meal at noon that day. We ordered tripe chicken and dumplings at that time.

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the communication with Li Tian was actually quite smooth. He thought I was looking for him to recruit him to be unable to draw, so he gave a lot of advice about not being able to draw.

for a while, I smiled and said, "I don't want you to be able to draw."

but soon I added: "I want to make a new account with you."

around June 3, the company returned from team building in Thailand, and Li Tian also ran from Changsha to Guangzhou to start some construction and ideas for the new account.

this is the first little surprise he gave me-he wanted to create from the bottom of his heart, so he prepared himself in advance.

that afternoon, I was in the office with Li Tian and Jingshi, writing the blackboard over and over again, and finally they decided on a name. I said I didn't like it very much, but if you two think it's good, I'll listen to you.

the new account is different from the past, this time I may only participate in 10% or so 20%. Li Tian is in charge of the picture, the story, the design and everything.


the day before I sent it, I said, "it's fine, although there are some minor problems."

I say it's not that bad. I'll tell you the direction of the change tomorrow. It can be changed.

there are actually a lot of changes. At that time, Li Tian had been painting by himself for a week, and I was worried that he could not keep up with his energy.


the reason is that when Zhang Jingzhi wanted to add Li Tim, he found that his Wechat personal signature was these four words. Then he took a screenshot and sent it to me without saying anything.

he: "what do you think?"

embrace the origin of the name Yaoshen, Li Tim himself will say.

the night the first push was confirmed, Li Tian sent me a Wechat message saying, "although it's just the beginning, thank you, Brother Zepeng."

so most of his characters are beautiful, or because he can understand so many people and things that every character he writes is understood and loved.