How to wear the couple's costume for the Spring Festival?

How to wear the couple's costume for the Spring Festival?
Single single, male or female, can be eaten.

🤷🏻 u200d ♀️ will not see his Valentine's Day, and the Spring Festival will not be over.

however, it doesn't matter if you don't see your girlfriend, it doesn't prevent us from working remotely.

CP can be seen through the match. is the quintessence of lovers' clothes.

since ancient times, red and blue CP (hat) 🔻

it can be seen that high similarity is the highlight of couples' clothes.

what is the height difference?

We are so equal and loving to CP. But you know, girls have an advantage when they are the same height. So sometimes it will be mistaken for brother and sister (fall).

an all-white canvas bag is a good choice, making you lively and naughty in a whole set of dark colors.

never choose converse, which is a very bad match here, as you can imagine.

she said that she should wear big blue and green on the first day of the Lunar New year. Why does it have to be so popular?

consistent color is the most basic element of lovers' clothes.

the Kraft paper bag echoes with the baseball sleeve in visual perception, even if the color is a little different.

the color of clothes does not have to be exactly the same, it can be a little different in shade.

all choose the element of high collar, and it has the effect of lengthening the neckline, so it looks taller.

if you buy nine cents, the wind will leak and you will be afraid of the cold, so wear a long johns inside.

Fashion without temperature?

(lower right) the hem should be stuffed in one breath, not loose when standing straight, and the upper and lower body should be connected smoothly to show the figure.

(top left) because the inner frame is black, a silver thin necklace is added to enhance the layering of the clavicle so that it will not appear empty.

the coat can be close to the individual color.

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