How to help your boyfriend quit playing games?

How to help your boyfriend quit playing games?
Please be careful with the methods provided in this article.

the first team building in Guangzhou is destined to be impressive.

and the thorns, in order to show their respect for my technology , set the first team building of my experience in Guangzhou as "LOL Night", and even said by name that they wanted to gang up with me.

so soon, we finished our day's work and came to an Internet cafe.

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cheap, because recently in contact with metaphysics, so tonight he changed three computers, three accounts, still can not get into the game.

"there may be ghosts." He said.

with my help, cheap finally logged into the game, which means that our LOL night has officially begun.

the process of the game is actually quite boring, nothing more than fighting soldiers and killing people.

Why, as a game girl, can I write this question so confidently?

(only represents the results of my first experiment. )

thorns, the game player said: Zhang Nan, good at heroes in the single Phoenix, beating the wild blind. He is crazy about games, has a game history of eight years, and has angered his girlfriend many times because of the game (see "girlfriend angry again" for details).

(thank-you note from v woman)

she is telling me in that grateful tone, "Zhang Nan has given up most of his Internet addiction."

well, it's hard to be a successful person.

Tan Min, a man who can be called a man.

it's hard to find a man who is so sweet and respects his girlfriend.

all we can do is get him back.

Please take a look at my implementation results. Tan Min has already vomited. What does this mean?

end up being cheap. It's a pity that she doesn't have a girlfriend, but he focuses on his work.

and these are only the initial treatment results. I will increase the intensity of treatment for them in the future to avoid recurrence.

(the following methods are free)

then you inadvertently tell your boyfriend that you can also play this game.

(practical teaching)

by the way, apart from "I'm sorry", the two words I often say are "stuck".

if you have made all the above efforts, your boyfriend wants to DISS you, even angry.

you know what to do, right?

if you really like him and don't want to be separated from him because of the game, I can teach you another trick.

of course, it's not just "I don't listen", but also the timing. When he plays the game again, he goes online at the speed of light, opens the game list and sends him a "1".

it's like going out. No matter how your boyfriend wants to play alone, he will still hold your hand and go out when he sees that you have put on your shoes and stand at the door.

the first point, the food is done.

third point, every time he comes online, you send him a "1".

these are all the contents of the tutorial.

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