How much does it cost to raise me? can't I pay you back when I grow up?

How much does it cost to raise me? can't I pay you back when I grow up?
Disclaimer: recommended copywriting provided by the other party is sometimes unpalatable for the messy development. Thank you for your tolerance. Good night. Recently, there is a girl in the third year of American high school.

Thank you for your tolerance. Good night

there is a high school girl named Kristen in Sacramento, California, USA. Like many 17-year-old boys and girls, they are rebellious and self-willed, explode their hair when they disagree, and dye their hair with stubborn red hair.

she gave herself a chic name: lady bird. You can call her Miss Byrd, or Miss Bird.

one day, Miss Byrd said to her mother, "I want to go to college in New York."

Mom immediately started nagging mode: your father and I can't afford the tuition, your father's company is laying off staff, do you know? Of course you don't know! Because you only care about yourself! How did I raise such a snob like you!

Miss Byrd opened the door and jumped.

another time, my mother said, "do you know how much it costs to raise you?"

on Miss Byrd's 18th birthday, she went to the supermarket to buy a pack of camel cigarettes and a copy of Playgirl (a female adult magazine). She stood by the side of the road, leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette, flipping through pornographic magazines, wanting to tell everyone passing by: I am an adult!

is adolescent love doomed to meet scum men?

check out the complete article in Miss Byrd, as well as the crow's unique insights on adolescent family relationships and identity.

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