How long will it take to fall in love before you can see your boyfriend without makeup?

How long will it take to fall in love before you can see your boyfriend without makeup?
I'm so afraid of dying.

I used to feel nothing when I was used to making up without makeup, but now when I appear in public without makeup, I will feel exposed and uncomfortable.

in fact, girls will also worry that they are not so delicate and good-looking. I don't know if the other half will feel lost because they are different from what they expected after they have seen themselves without makeup.

"A month, let nature take its course."

she said: " for a month, it's better to keep your image at first. "

traveling together means staying in the same room at night. After taking a bath in the bathroom that day, A Yi was a little nervous.

A sighed a long sigh of relief and turned on the hair dryer to pretend to blow his hair, but it was actually trying to cover the sound of bottles and cans crashing and slapping them on his face as he went to get the skin care products from the makeup bag.

I nodded to show my understanding.

but although saying that a month is the right time, A Yi, who has already met her boyfriend without makeup, finally said another sentence: " there is no special time to let nature take its course. "

" you can start without makeup. "

as soon as they parted from their boyfriend downstairs from home, the two began to make video calls non-stop. After going out for a day, Yang Yang was very tired, taking off her makeup while chatting with her boyfriend.

the boyfriend didn't show too excited expression, but said faintly: " well, after taking off your makeup, you can take a bath and go to bed early. "

she said that there was no special reaction, so she just chatted normally. If you have to say anything about the process of removing makeup, it is probably the boyfriend who said, "Hey?" It makes no difference. Why does it take so long to put on makeup? "

for Yang Yang, putting on and removing makeup is just a very common thing. Live makeup remover feels the same as she usually does TV shows and videos with her boyfriend.

couples who can do this are either boys' thoughtfulness or girls' natural beauty.

"minus two months, we've seen it before."

when she told me their story, we lay together in her bed, giggling until three o'clock in the morning, with a row of dolls from her boyfriend's own clip at the head of the bed.

at that time, KIKI really went to dinner. KIKI tried to eat, but his boyfriend talked a lot and never had an awkward moment.

one likes to eat and the other likes to watch others eat, so inexplicably they always eat together.

KIKI laughed: "I know he likes me and dares to think without makeup that he won't stop chasing me because I don't make up!"

at that moment, I really envied the deep-seated and shameless relationship between KIKI and her boyfriend.

"do you know the Men's Vision Chart?"

but he also put forward another point, in fact, everyone has a balance, that is, when you are good-looking, you will ask your partner to be good-looking, too.

so just take the appearance as an example. Most boys already feel what she looks like without makeup before they fall in love, and the difference will not be very big.

he: "it's not a guess. I already looked at my face when I tried to chase her at first sight."

he sneered: "do you know there is a thing called 'men's vision chart'?"

(A Jie sent me a 'men's vision chart')

I once watched a video in which couples participated in filming some couples who had only been together for more than 60 days, and some who had been together for four years. The only thing they have in common is that boys have never seen their girlfriends look like after taking off makeup.

in the video, the girls are asked to take off their makeup and wash their faces, while their boyfriends sit by and witness their girlfriends look without makeup.

together for more than 60 days, the boy who is still in love stares at his girlfriend's naked appearance and laughs foolishly. "it looks so small and pure," he said. "it's just like dating in the future, and make-up is a waste of time."

the boy immediately retorted: " then let's meet half an hour earlier. "

but the boy who laughed at his girlfriend finally said: " No makeup is also very good-looking, but no makeup is cuter. my girlfriend covered her face and laughed with exaggeration.

otherwise, who wants to spend a lot of time on makeup every day, and who doesn't want to show their most natural self?

every time I appear in the street with Jing Beran, even if I enter the camera without makeup, I will not panic at all, and my face is still full of sweetness and confidence.

this kind of self-confidence must not come from my boyfriend's words "I don't mind", but from my really good skin and "no time to hide".

recently I saw Ni Ni working with SK-II to shoot a short film, which also confirmed my idea. Under the red background, her complexion is even whiter, and her tender skin can be blown.It is not too much to describe "broken".

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want to keep makeup all the time in front of your boyfriend, most of the time it is a kind of helplessness of "mend after sheep is lost". It is a happy state for everyone to get a good muscle bottom through daily maintenance.

I want to experience the magic of fairy water with you. With good skin, beauty without makeup can become your greatest attraction.

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