How hard is it to stick to what you love at the age of twenty?

How hard is it to stick to what you love at the age of twenty?
This time we'll pay for your love.

I often joke with others: "since the second grade, I must have spent 100,000 yuan in Internet cafes."

Yes, I have witnessed and participated in the development of black Internet cafes in Dongguan (our town). As a sophomore, I was still playing with soldiers and thieves when I was called aside by my cousin. He said to take me to a very interesting place.

this is how the story happens. although the family has bought a computer, it is my sister's exclusive territory. I, a silly boy, has always been only allowed to play those stupid "three-dimensional pinballs" and "hearts to catch dragons".

so the moment I stepped through the iron gate, I opened the door of a new world.

I dare not say the word "Internet bar" because I know this is an evil place and my parents know that they will educate me in mixed doubles. My cousin, like the red hair in the King of the Thief, patted me on the head and said,

"Don't tell your parents I brought you here."

he pointed to the floor full of cigarette butts with his index finger.

I nodded and sat down carefully.

I remember that the first game he taught me to play was legend.

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2003 Blood Legend, I don't know if you have played it. I still don't know why, you don't need to apply for an additional game account, because your account password is your home phone number.

I never tried to learn the same knowledge so hard at school, as if I was chopping down the red chicken with a wooden sword in the game. And the slow sheep, I saw it like a sword out of the sheath, and the throat could only be sealed when I saw blood.

my cousin paid two yuan for me. I played for an hour. When I came out, I seemed to be riding the wind, but I knew that my life had changed.

(the black Internet cafe at that time)


for second-graders, an Internet bar is as attractive as the vip tickets for Jay Chou's concert.

and it, like a virus, spreads silently in the class. You don't have the word Internet bar in your head, only codes such as wb,play game.

but I still have some self-control. I don't go to Internet cafes from Monday to Friday, because I know what to do at any time.

I save my daily breakfast money in a jar for the legendary "wall of fire" and "fireball".

but how can I pay the Internet access fee for a breakfast fee of 2 yuan? At that time, I was so business-minded that I decided to borrow some from my sister, who had a wooden piggy bank full of her usual coins.

I take 3 at a time, because the price of the Internet has gone up, and three coins can only be exchanged for an hour of happiness.

after a summer vacation, my sister was borrowed by me with more than 300 coins, that is to say, I got more than 100 hours of happiness. Although at the beginning of school, my sister accidentally collided and found that the coins had been ransacked, causing my deskmate to think that I had been inhumanely abused at home.

but that summer vacation, when I think about it, is still extremely desirable.

when we were young, our parents were most afraid that we had formed the habit of petty theft, but they didn't know that every child had made a deal with what adults thought to be "evil." stealing money itself is no pleasure, but every time, my cousins followed me to the Internet cafe, and then the three of them sat down together. I motioned to them not to move, and then said to the boss, "Uncle, help us turn on the phone." I always thought it was the happiest thing in the world.

(much like my cousin and I)

ES charms ghouls,

No, it has changed its name and is now called "Internet cafe".

because compared with ten years ago, it is equipped with a mechanical keyboard, Thundersnake mouse, and 23-inch LCD screen, we are no longer sitting on those shoddy electronic chairs, but huge sofas. The light is warm, and the area where we sit is non-smoking, so we have to deduct ten yuan from the card every hour.

it's just that they may not have thought about it, but when they are in their dreams in the future, they will become less passionate about games.

(Internet cafes like this are everywhere now)

I remember playing World of Warcraft with my cousins in junior high school with a map called CH3C. At that time, in order to get better, I practiced card soldiers and money transfer on the second day of the Lunar New year. As soon as I had time, I went to various platforms to fight with them, from QQ to Haofang, and then from Haofang to VS, and the original author of that map had not been updated long ago, so the same version was not updated. We played for five years.

how many five years can you have in your life so that you can do the same thing without worries?

frankly, this is regrettable.

so when the gigabit game company came to ask me to help write about their activities, I couldn't help telling each other a lot of stories about the game.

now, let me introduce Gigabit Games' overseas study tour:

the whole tour is taught by famous corporate bigwigs and Stanford professors, interspersed with a day of local cultural experience to broaden their horizons. At the same time, student fees (round trip air tickets, accommodation, food, business visits, Stanford courses, personal safety insurance) are free, provided by gigabit.

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