How difficult is it to have a good public elective course in college?

How difficult is it to have a good public elective course in college?
Your most thoughtful guide to public elective courses.

this is a lively time, and the moments will begin to spread the "selection of courses", marking the courses that teachers do not call names and give high marks at the end of the term as "high-quality courses".

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if you are unlucky, you can only "pick up lessons" in the evening, like a scavenger who picks up broken branches and leaves in the vegetable market at 8 o'clock in the evening.

at the moment of choosing a course, it felt like thunder everywhere.


sign your name on the podium before each class, and then it will take half an hour to find your own seat according to the seating table on the big screen.

in the end, roll call became the most important thing in this class.

just to be at peace with each other, let's love & peace

have also met a teacher who confided in his students in the first class: I don't embarrass you, and you don't embarrass me.

so the teacher mechanically read the names on the roster, regardless of why there were only 2/3 people sitting on the stage, but the roll call was full attendance.



We cannot deny that the teacher is really responsible, which is a bit of a hint of "hating iron without becoming steel".

but obviously, this kind of compulsive learning method has become less and less effective for college students who are more and more independent-minded and self-conscious, and the only function is to attract complaints.


classes are held in the school's largest public classroom, but often even the aisles are full of people.

there is no bluff about naming and failing subjects. It all depends on the good reputation of the curriculum and teachers.

in the face of such a perfect elective, people don't care if it gives them credit at all.

during the activity, you have a chance to seize wonderful elective courses for your school every day. Star mentors and class representatives will be parachuted into the colleges and universities that win the first tickets.

is another round of class-grabbing war. China University of Petroleum (Beijing) has cast more than 20,000 votes for "unrepentant learning". "silent love between men and women", "sister self-defense" and "dimensional cosmic sociology" are also super popular courses.

I can only sigh repeatedly at the label "goods sold are non-refundable" on the ticket and complain that I am blind. I can only forbear not applying the rough tissue, vowing to keep my eyes open before buying it next time, and don't be deceived by the rhetoric of unscrupulous profiteers.

of course, many teachers feel cheated by the students: anyway, the students don't take elective courses seriously, and no matter how hard they put their heart into it, they can only waste their efforts.

then enter a vicious circle. There are fewer and fewer good courses, and junk courses have become the norm.

just because I'm afraid to close my eyes