How did we fall in love when we were 14

How did we fall in love when we were 14
Good night.

and some things are very interesting as soon as they are lengthened by time.

@ Wang Zepeng, there was no tribute tea at the age of 14 in 1995


five yuan was a huge sum of money for me in junior high school. My family is strict. I don't give puppy love or pocket money.

then I thought of a stupid way to tell my mother that the school wanted to buy study materials, and then secretly used the money from the study materials to buy a cup of milk tea.

at that time, I was so frightened that I was afraid of my mother's suspicion every time I opened my mouth.

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A 14-year-old love affair is actually quite frustrating because it is so secretive.

"there is a sense of being desperate for the one you like."

"falling in love left a big question in my senior high school entrance examination."

his first love was a bit legendary and he was together at the age of 14.

so my brother is under a lot of pressure to see each other's parents on every date.

but at that time my brother really liked that girl and didn't flinch when his parents knew about it.

I said yes, you can rest assured that I will help you.

as a result, he was dangerously admitted to the girls' high school with a score of more than two points.

but also very sincere, so sincere that no one can stop this childishness.

"We can't hold hands until we have been together for five years."

my other sister replied excitedly, "because she wants people to chase her for two years before she agrees to be together." As a result, that man was only chased for a year and a half! "

my sister smiled too, and then said very seriously, "isn't it?" It's only been two years. I don't like it. " My brother couldn't help it and asked me to persuade my sister not to be so stubborn.

then my other sister continued to mend the knife: "it takes five years to hold hands and kiss after marriage."

then I shook my head and sighed.

I have many cousins born after 2000, and there is no such thing as "flirting" in their communication.

@ Wang Ruiping, 1991

actually we talked about our first love last night because my cousin brought his girlfriend to our house.

he said strictly speaking.

he told me that he also talked about a girlfriend in the second year of junior high school, but he broke up in a month.

then he waved his hand and said, "I didn't know anything at that time, and I couldn't count it because of male chauvinism."

you will find that when we are 14 years old, we may be persistent or simple, but you have to admit that we are not that good at treating a person well.