How boring are the young people who celebrate the Spring Festival?

How boring are the young people who celebrate the Spring Festival?
When people get bored, they can do anything.

I was bored, and on the first day of the Spring Festival, I wrote a very boring article.

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when I put today's seventh batamuri into my mouth and chewed, I felt that the inner wall of my mouth had become rough and my upper jaw was a little worn, which made me feel very uncomfortable.

when I think of this, I feel like I'm going to use up even a little bit of fun left in me during the holiday-"eating a lot of snacks".

because of my extremely empty spirit, I posted a circle of friends, trying to find someone who, like me, felt bored on what was supposed to be a festive day.

"it's really not as good as TV."

I originally thought that as a trendy young man, I was not good at this.

"cried on the first day."

A big sun came out in the afternoon and was caught to climb the Mid-afternoon Mountain.

smoke filled with smoke, I couldn't help it, and I was smoked and cried.

"Gunara, god of darkness, puppy jump!"

sum up some practical information:)

Wealth is prosperous, lose the yellow dog.

other Wangwang, do not lose the dog.

A group of four.

"Xiao Hong robbed the most! Little red hair! "

"Xiao Hong, it's you again! No, come again! "

at two o'clock in the morning, I found that I had a huge sum of money in my account.

obviously it feels like a mass blessing, and I usually don't reply.

this is the first time I have received this kind of picture form of blessing, which is creative and brightens my eyes.

"what are you talking about? Where's uncle? What? What did my aunt ask again? "

they always ask me questions coldly when I am QQ Speed.

finally I gave up and smiled cleverly.

what are the plans for next year? when is it my turn to hand out candy? I really want to know the answers to these questions.

in the previous New year, I would wear a new set of chocolates all over my body and eat the chocolates brought back by my relatives in Hong Kong.

the expectations, festivities and joys that are supported by rituals are naturally gone.

"Today is not in vain if you go out."

spread out on his own sofa and played with his mobile phone all morning.

"enjoy your beauty quietly."

I suddenly remembered that I was wearing makeup, so I opened B612, picked a filter for five minutes, posed, and began to appreciate my beauty.