How are you guys doing later?

How are you guys doing later?
Those relationships that have been serious, but the outcome is not so ideal.

the weather in Guangzhou changed suddenly two days ago.

the sky is also gray, holding back a rain all the time.

then the hand, which was still cutting the chili circle, suddenly stopped, looked out of the window at the rustling rain, and suddenly thought of some people before.


when I graduated from the college entrance examination, I wrote a sentence in my blog diary: "I don't even know what the weather is like on your side in the future."

because there is no way to take good care of each other in person, I have to ask each other through the weather, how are you?

the reason why the whole person can't help being quiet.

will someone send an umbrella?

or holding umbrellas for others?

or be taken good care of.


in the article, I said: "I don't think I will forget the figure rickety in the rain after many years."

she doesn't like to post on moments, so I don't know much about her later life.

she seems to be getting better.

but I didn't like it, and I didn't ask why.

there is no longer the idea of "going through it with you" in my mind.

when you see it, read it silently. Come on.

the only thing I can do is to pray for each other when it's hard to remember.

now there seems to be nothing to hold on to.

probably after that very persistent and enthusiastic stage,

in the face of those very close people, even if they were accidentally separated and separated later, they would still think, "well, this is a very probable thing."

will be more concerned about the later situation.

of course, you also suddenly think of each other in certain situations.

is a kind of, how to put it,

, you will feel that you are living a good life, and hope that the other party will be all right later.

because I may feel a little uncomfortable.

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I'll be fine, too.

when I write this article, I think of not only the people I once liked, but also these emotions.

so exactly what I'm trying to describe is


Wang Zepeng:)

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