He said that family conflicts will always exist.

He said that family conflicts will always exist.
Just for this sentence, this film can be the reason for my recommendation.

Last Saturday, my colleagues and I went to Hong Kong to do an interview, this time chatting with Zhang Daming.

I replied, "Don't worry. Zhang Daming, I know him very well. "

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everyone remembers Zhang Daming as the emperor in "Zero hair of the Secret Service inside"; Song Shijie, the protagonist in "Song Shijie, the King" who once won the best ratings in Hong Kong; or Zhang Daming in the "Dong du Xiao doubles" played with Huang Zihua in 1995.

but as far as I can remember, Zhang Daming, who wanted to be a director of "Buy a Man" but didn't have a chance, had to shoot Ah Quan at the scene, Joseph; in "Zhiming and Chunjiao" who smoked in the back alley with Zhang Zhiming and Yu Chunjiao, and Zhong Guobao in "FM701" in 2000.

in the screen images of Hong Kong, there are many kinds of small potatoes.

Chow Yun-fat is always a tragic sacrifice.

so I was surprised when I met Zhang Daming at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on Saturday morning.

wearing glasses and a cap, I couldn't even observe his expression. At the same time, the content of our conversation made me find that he was not as simple as he appeared on the screen.

that morning, we had two cups of lemon tea and talked about "what is a sense of comedy", "what is the difference between Dong Duxie, TV series, movies, and stage plays", and "Why did you put your own stage play on the screen?"

Zhang Daming was actually a screenwriter when he made his debut, and his first stage play won the 1993 Hong Kong Council for Performing Arts Outstanding Screenplay Award.

so my first question was "sense of comedy".

Zhang Daming replied: the sense of comedy is actually your real experience every day. Some people find it interesting to drink a cup of tea, so he can get a "sense of comedy" from drinking tea.

but if the young man has really made a good tragedy, it means that he has been very sad in his life. It may be family, physical, love and other problems, but he has not told the people around him.

it is impossible to do things that have not been experienced ("doing" here, I understand as acting, acting is a shaping process).

III, the difference between TV series, movies and stage plays.

because I was so shallow that I thought that Zhang Daming's role in TV dramas, stage dramas, or movies was all "actors", so maybe it was just the way of acting.

I ask: you have a lot of acting experience, so I would like to ask, for you, what is the difference between these forms?

among the winners of previous Nobel prizes for literature, there are writers of stage plays.

only stage plays are the art of culture.

four, about "home and everything".

"Family and everything surprises" is adapted from Zhang Daming's first award-winning screenplay, "the days of the Dum Family watching the Sea" mentioned earlier.

he told me that because this script has the highest repetition rate of all his works. This shows that the questions raised in the story are very "close to me" that many people have experienced or are experiencing.

A poor family who spends all the money of the family to buy a very small residence has serious family conflicts, and the only expression of emotion is the window with a view of the sea. Now that it is blocked by the businessman's billboard, what should the family do?

in this movie, the Seaview is the place where the family stops to calm down during the quarrel.

five, finally, why would I recommend you to see this film?

and this time the window is a point that exists in every family, but is often overlooked.

when you don't fight, it's just a tool to keep the air flowing. But in a quarrel, it becomes a storage port that can temporarily store contradictions.

with this sentence, this movie can be a reason for my recommendation.

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