Have you ever protected your boyfriend's childishness?

Have you ever protected your boyfriend's childishness?
I want to protect you.

I don't know if you still remember my boyfriend, but you'd better call him Mr. Yang here.

he is an extremely childish man.

our cat's name is Sean, and Mr. Yang has parent-child activities with him every night.

for example, Mr. Yang will hold Sean's front leg with his left hand, hold his hind leg with his right hand, hold it above his head, and spin it up and down the room, saying, "Oh, I'm going to fly."

I asked Mr. Yang why he wanted to play like this, and he told me solemnly that it was not a game, but because Sean was always looking at the ceiling, and Mr. Yang thought it had a dream of becoming an astronaut.

but generally speaking, Sean, who has only been in the air for four months, is usually in a dull state.

there are many such childish things.

two mornings ago, Sean squatted and accompanied Mr. Yang to wash. Mr. Yang picked up his razor, touched his chin in the mirror, thought about it and put down the knife. He turned around and asked Sean if he would eat him if he had become the size of a tiger.

Sean certainly won't answer.

he continued: "if you eat me, remember to keep your chin, because my beard is so handsome."

Mr. Yang's childishness is that he can always put an 8-year-old thinking mode into his 25-year-old fat house and act like a 4-year-old.

I have to say that his childishness is a stimulant in most of our unexciting days, which allows feelings to quickly overcome the problem of "boredom".

what is admirable is that we spend most of our time together smiling.

that night, no matter how much he grinded, I didn't say a word.

for example, I can add five rounds of "farting, naive, low EQ, unable to communicate, and different values" in my head, and finally get the result of "can't get along".


one of the things that happened after that, I changed my childish mind again.

Last Christmas, Mr. Yang gave me a kite, a big whale kite taller than me.

I admit it was a childish gift, but it made me happy for a long time.

the reason is that on weekends, Mr. Yang and I like to visit nearby parks. When the weather is fine, many couples bring their children to fly kites. Looking up, the sky is full of yellow, green and green, which is very good-looking.

maybe it's because of the discordant relationship between my parents when I was a child. I feel guilty that I haven't officially flown a kite.

I only mentioned this to Mr. Yang once, but I didn't expect him to remember it.

so when we New Year's Day went to the seaside to play, we specially took this kite with us.

the sand and stones at the seaside are so thick that it is difficult to run fast, plus the kites are too big, and the wind is very calm that day.

under various factors, even if we try many times, the kite will not fly until the sun goes down.

I told him not to run. Boss Yang still looked back at the hopeful climb, pressing his bare feet on the gravel.

everyone has his or her own unique "identification" process. I am because of the kite, other people may be because of a bowl of porridge after a fever, or the habit of always holding her on the inside of the road.

platinum has three characteristics:

platinum has three characteristics:

, output is extremely rare, just as true love is always hard to come by.

platinum has three characteristics:

, output is extremely rare, just as true love is always hard to come by.

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at this point, I secretly like it. Because it means I'm special enough for him.

what is more valuable than growing up is the defenseless innocence.

because while protecting, it is also reminiscent of the simplicity that we have long lost.

ask two questions:

did you star us?