Have you ever heard the songs that your boyfriend shared in moments in the middle of the night?

Have you ever heard the songs that your boyfriend shared in moments in the middle of the night?
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@ Jingfei

also clicked on and heard it several times, but turned it off because it was too noisy.

until one day, when my boyfriend and I were studying in the library, my cell phone ran out of power, but I wanted to listen to music, so I borrowed his cell phone.

out of curiosity, I opened his NetEase music account and was a little surprised to find that he had listened to JonyJ's "you don't have to guess" 132 times on March 22nd.

and that was the day he told me that something had happened at home.

so I listened carefully to the lyrics of that song, and the more I listened to it, the more guilty I felt, especially when I heard the phrase "the lights will not be turned on for me at any time", I was suddenly defeated.

it turned out that he had hidden his instructions in those real melodies, but I never understood them.

so later, I would listen to every song he shared in moments late at night, and accompanied him to the JonyJ concert.

when he sang "Don't have to guess" live, he turned to me and said, "it's nice of you to come with me."

maybe even stubborn boys hope their girlfriends can understand the frustration, ambition and truth they want to talk about.

and I'm glad I did it right.

@ Xiaoqi

"that girl is as tall as me, but ten jin thinner than me!"

when my friend said this to me last week, I was nibbling on an apple, which was her dinner all day.

in my opinion, her figure is symmetrical and just right, and there is no need to lose it.

but I can't help it. That girl is her boyfriend's ex, and thinking of her boyfriend's ex as an imaginary enemy is what girls will do in the first step of a new relationship.

she is thin, so I only eat apples for dinner.

she is hot, so I can learn to smoke and drink.

We always think that our boyfriend's instructions are hidden in his ex's every move, but that's not always the case.

"Don't you lose weight?"

"but isn't his ex-girlfriend very thin?"

pay attention to the moment when he doesn't speak.

"OK, boss"

I replied, of course, I am still stubborn and did not give up the pleasure of hurting him.

, however, I did pay attention later.

at least every sentence that left him speechless didn't come out of my mouth a second time.

, however, I did pay attention later.


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two months ago, I wrote an article entitled "my boyfriend never reads my instruction manual"

. One of my deepest feelings is that it is not difficult for boys to get to know their girlfriends, because girlfriends will reveal their "instructions" in the details of their relationship.

but conversely, it is not so easy for girls to get to know their boyfriends.

but I want to say that maybe you don't have to be so mature.

although those of you are not very handsome.

author /Jing Fei Xiaoqi

Music /small palms

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