"Happy marriage." This is our first opening sentence after graduation.

"Happy marriage." This is our first opening sentence after graduation.
Some meetings will still take place.

when I saw these two words, I knew that the group was mainly married.

this really scares me a little bit, because this kid doesn't seem to be the first person in our class to get married.

so on the first Tuesday of March, our roommates, classmates and ball mates, who had not seen for a long time, finally found an opportunity to sit at the same table again.

it should be a sophomore. We are already familiar with each other, so we often skip class together, play ball together, play games together, and then play until 12:00 and go out for midnight snacks.

I'm not a drinker, but at that time, in order to get one of them drunk, I would yell and clink until I spit it out.

now think about it, we were really naive and naive at that time.

when we graduate, we find that we can't stand at all.


but the design of that hotel is very strange. On both sides of its main stage, there are two large columns, which completely block our view.

I made a small video of what I saw and heard and sent it to my girlfriend. She answered me many times in a row, and I laughed with her next to my phone. Smiling, I suddenly remembered something: "Hey, the groom on the stage seems to be my best friend in college?"

he said yes and asked me if I would like to play 2K13 (a NBA game) together, and then eat together after playing this one.

I still remember that we often encouraged and cheered each other when we hesitated to skip class.

-I replied, "shall we go next class?"

so we picked up another roommate, slipped out the back door, then got on our bike and discussed whether we would like to go to the movies in the afternoon.

and as long as he drives over, we will certainly take the opportunity to go out for a ride.

what I remember most is that night, we didn't start driving back to school until 11:00.

he twisted his voice to the loudest. Another roommate and I looked out of the window as we galloped on the highway.


nothing really happened.

and he also met a new girlfriend, and when he was in love, he wanted to be bored all the time.

who knows, it turns out that "plenty of opportunities" equals "no opportunities".

I remember that I randomly posted an article that year, called "Don't laugh, you will graduate one day," and ended like this:

when I dragged my luggage onto the bus, I saw one of my roommates reply to me: "take care and get together again later."

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looking back now, I find that I was really pessimistic about the relationship between people at that time.

so when I received his "marriage notice", I was happy.

when he brought his bride and family to our table for a toast that night, the first thing he said to me was, "when is it your turn?"

"be sure to call me then."

"by the way, you've put on weight." Even at a time like this, he doesn't forget to sour me.

but it doesn't matter, because I believe there should be another time between us.

in the past, I always thought that some people would lose touch even if they didn't have an argument.

and as soon as we meet again, a button inside the body will automatically open, and the relationship between you and him will be awakened again.

good night.

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