Guangzhou is a good place to say goodbye.

Guangzhou is a good place to say goodbye.

so I got on the bullet train from Dongguan to Guangzhou, wearing a pair of procrastinating jeans and stepping on a pair of dirty power. The word "drive to" is used not because of its distance, but because it was the first time I rode a car alone. Guangzhou is very close to Dongguan, but I didn't have a chance to have a look at the big city until the end of the college entrance examination.

"Department?" I asked.

later I learned that the original "department" refers to the "department of the student organization", where many college students found their first batch of like-minded friends until graduation.

in the afternoon we went to Dawangzhou to ride bicycles. I don't know if you know where it is. Anyway, I have been to Guangzhou countless times in the past few years, and I have never been there.

I was embarrassed to follow my sister all the time, so after getting the mountain bike rented for 50 yuan, I said to them, "I'll play by myself."

at first I was racing crazily on the road, but inadvertently found that I could ride into those hillsides. There were many warning signs of "sharp turn" on the hillside, but I ignored it and speeded up and rushed the slope.

there are bloody bruises on my hands and feet, and I almost couldn't stand up with such a pain in my elbow, but after sitting under the tree for 15 minutes, I checked my body again to make sure it was all right. I put my foot on the pedal again.

I rode faster on the road, because I thought that as long as I was fast enough, others would not be able to detect my injuries and dirt.

she gave me a bag of paper towels and told me to go to the toilet to wipe them.

"the blood didn't wash off," she added, "but it doesn't matter. No one here knows you anyway. Keep riding and blow dry the wet clothes."

that's me, "Nobody knows you anyway".

No one knows you anyway, so go ahead and do it.

during the summer vacation of my sophomore year, I came to a high school in Guangzhou to be an English summer camp teacher by chance.

I still remember that on the second Sunday in the summer camp, I wanted to find some colleagues to go to the old city of Guangzhou. But they either think it's too hot, or they think it's just like that in the old city. There's nothing to go.

I checked a lot of information on Zhihu, wrote down all the "must-eat restaurants" mentioned in my travels, and then pulled up the weeds one by one.

but on the whole, I am disappointed in Baohua Road.

so I began to walk around there. When I saw the alley, I went in and posted it where there was a bulletin board introducing history. From Baohua Road, all the way to the street once full of salt merchants, and then to a temple that forgot its name. These trivial memories, which seemed useless to me at that time, became my first impression of "old Guangzhou".

"what element makes' Guangzhou 'become' Guangzhou'? . I stood by the side of the road thinking as if nothing had happened, and no one stopped beside me except for a few flyers who had spoken to me. "

it is those who come and go in a hurry, those who are busy for their lives, that make Guangzhou Guangzhou.

Guangzhou has always been a "tourist city" in my mind. I didn't want to work here at all.


but we were frustrated when we got downstairs. I reminded Tong c: "Don't keep taking pictures later, it looks like we are really fans."

We didn't ask any questions that day, mainly for fear that the other person would think we were too naive, so we were very cautious about every question. On the contrary, it was they who gave us a lot of practical advice. That night we went to Guangyue Tiandi for dinner. Eel whale and Tong C each ordered a big hamburger of more than 200. Looking at their difficult appearance, I said, "Don't eat if you can't eat."

I was stunned by this question, so when we returned to Youth Travel that night, the three of us had been having a meeting, thinking about some funny slogan in retrospect and talking about goals that could never be achieved.

"definitely." I said.

later, our first office was still in Dongguan, but for some reasons, Tong c stopped writing.

Attract your audience when in lace wedding dresses by showing confidence, femininity and elegance. Worry free the minute you buy.

she has also come back, but there are some rhythms that are difficult to continue when broken.

but the white wall in the apartment didn't answer me anything.


that's not a tall building, but you can see the Guangzhou Tower and the Pearl River from the window. It was 250 square meters, big enough to hold twenty people. Although there were only eleven people in a mess, I rented it.

but after scolding my mother, I think of my colleagues who used to see through the blinds in my office. I often wonder why they followed me to Guangzhou.

trust? Can I find an office with a view of the Guangzhou Tower?

Wang Zepeng told me: "because I feel very happy to work with you."

but actually, I'm not very happy.

I can only smile and say to him, "OK, keep in touch with each other in the future."

in the final analysis, it's just not good enough.

before I came, I didn't think that the city of Guangzhou was so dangerous and sophisticated.

so the story of us young people is extremely playful.

our new office, welcome to

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