Giving up is sometimes a choice.

Giving up is sometimes a choice.
It's sunny tonight.

since the beginning of the rainy season, Guangzhou has rarely had sunny days.

in such rainy weather, bad things seem to happen more easily.

before writing this article, I went to browse through the cluttered background.

everyone's tone is very depressed in all the messages I have seen about rainy days.

later I seriously discussed this problem with the authors.

at that time, there were many theories:

some people said that the disorder of hormone secretion in rainy angels led to persistent depression.

it is also said that the coverage of Rain Water affects the stability of the magnetic field between man and the world, so that there is a mutually exclusive effect between the two.

if you doubt life, you will be world-weary and depressed.

some people even put forward the theory of the unity of man and nature: man and nature are interlinked in nature, and sunny overcast is a natural law.

so during this period of time, it is doomed that everything will not go well with you, your boyfriend will make you angry, and he will only play games with his head covered after making you angry.

all in all, at the end of our analysis, we not only found nothing, but also basically chose to accept our fate.

but I always think that accepting fate is a good word, especially if you always accept it, which means that everything that happens in life is still within your tolerance.

work overtime, get caught in the rain, and give up an impossible person.

it's really sad, but I can still get through it.


of course, there are times when you can't stand it.

years later, I went to the hospital to see a friend.

of all my friends, he was the first one who quarreled with his girlfriend until he went to the hospital.

in fact, he himself is quite puzzled, because the same quarrel has happened many times.

after the quarrel, Wechat did not return, and the phone calls were blocked, which has long been taken for granted.

but I don't know why, but I can't hold on that time.

that night, he sat on the balcony of the rental room holding his hair, thinking for a long time, how did he live like this?

maybe he worked overtime all night the night before, and he was not conscious, or it could be that the same question was repeated too many times to see the future.

at that moment, there were only two thoughts left in his mind:

one, jumping off the window;

two, turning in the air for two and a half weeks, jumping off the window.

fortunately, it's the second floor.

when my friend pointed to the thick plaster on my leg and told me about it, I still thought it was amazing.

as far as I can remember, his character has always been very hard to beat.

he can intern in two companies at the same time, switch seamlessly between day and night shifts, and complete tasks on time.

you can also deal with your girlfriend and work every day, giving up your rest time when necessary.

when something goes wrong in the family, he is always the most calm one, will calm the mood of the family, and then try to earn money to send it back.

but before the crash comes, it does not give people any preparation, from effort to release, it is often only an instant.

I didn't understand at that time.

but then I understood.

No matter how difficult life is, we can handle it because we are defensive about the outside world and anticipate the worst.

but the biggest fear is that when every nerve is tight, the undefended person around you gently puts down a straw.

then, there is no such thing.


he told me that during that time, he actually had a very difficult time:

as he spoke, he suddenly smiled coldly.

I looked at him and said, "well, you didn't break your head, did you?"

he shook his head. "No, I just suddenly figured something out."

"sometimes it's good to give up something." The expression on his face suddenly relaxed when he said this sentence


"good luck with that." Before leaving, I patted him on the shoulder.

it turns out that life does get easier when one makes up one's mind.

you know, there is no black-and-white world, only interlinked life.

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think calmly about the problems that have been entangled in your life for a long time, and then make up your mind to deal with it.

because what is worth sticking to is the right direction, while what can be given up is countless wrong methods.

author /Tan Min

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