"Girls must be home by eight o'clock in the evening."

"Girls must be home by eight o'clock in the evening."
How am I going to explain it to you.

at that time, a reader who also found life boring sent me a private message in May.

but just mentioned to my parents, they immediately said: "can't go."

they chattered on for fifteen minutes, and finally ended with a "not going" in May.

for example, readers are not allowed to travel in May.

for example, parents in small cities will ask you not to stay and work in big cities and so on.

it's about how we communicate with our parents and how to make them agree with our own "good choice" in many things.

my parents are also very strict with me.

the contents of the report include, but are not limited to, where to go, what to do, with whom, which bus to take, where to get off, what to eat, how it tastes, and even which road to spend a few minutes, and why to stay for a few minutes.

including college newspaper volunteers, I would very much like to apply for a media major.

and I can only choose to obey, because at that time I had no way to break up with my family because of a major, and then finish college on my own.

at that time, I was very helpless and not reconciled to it.

maybe it was rebellious by nature. later, although I majored in economics as my father wanted, I went to interview the school newspaper as a freshman, and the first award I won in college was also in writing.

that is, from then on, the attitude of the family gradually changed from the original opposition to as if this road could also be .

for example, parents in May said to have a good rest at home and not to squeeze in places with many people and cars. For example, your parents say it's easier to go back to a small place.

We are moving to Guangzhou at the end of this month.

the last time I came home, my father once again mentioned to me that the high rent in Guangzhou, no one to take care of, safety problems and so on made him feel unrealistic.

but such a small pattern is not what I want, and that kind of life is not what I like.

my father spared no effort to want me to learn economics well, but in the end I came from the media.

when Xu Li becomes an ability, escape from control is not far away.

for example, after mentioning the idea of going to travel later in May, he has been being persuaded, and finally, with a calculated state of mind, he has no choice but to throw down the sentence "not going".

but it was because I was too lazy to argue with my parents that I spent one boring and decadent day after another at home. To make matters worse, this "forget it" mentality also extends to other things that need to be reported to parents, such as a trip, an internship, or even a hair dye.

I was very upset. When faced with the impulse to go out and the puzzled questions from my friends, I complained: "strong>" Oh, come on, that's who my parents are anyway. "

later, when I realized this, I began to try to communicate with my parents patiently.

but if you just keep silent and say "forget it" on the one hand, and hold it in mind at the same time, everyone will have a very painful life in the future.

and you must have an unshirkable responsibility for this.

because of the sentence "forget it", it doesn't solve any demands and desires at all.


but then it's a little different.

and the first communication went well beyond my expectation, and finally he said, "strong>" Oh, I guessed you wouldn't stay. It's okay to take a break. "

later, he objected because after he confirmed that I was going to Guangzhou, he checked a lot of information about life there and felt that life there was too stressful and a girl would be very hard.

after all, no matter who it is, we can love each other very much, but we have never been and should not be attached to each other.

I suddenly feel relaxed and willing to go home more often.

when my parents are willing to let me go, it's time for me to return to them.

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