Getting a driver's license is really annoying.

Getting a driver's license is really annoying.
But I want to try to be a good driver.

there were so many people asking for relevant information that a group of learner cars was built in a short time. I was forced into the group chat by my better classmate, and she earnestly advised me:

I teased her: "the last time we hitchhiked, you got carsick. Can you learn to drive?"

looking at what she said, I suddenly realized that, whether voluntary or forced, being able to drive seems to have gradually become a must-have skill for young people.

this makes learning to drive as a matter of course, and gives rise to an idea:


in fact, I got my driver's license early on, and my parents belonged to people with this kind of "advanced consciousness". They dragged me to the driving school the day after the college entrance examination.

the moment I entered the driving range, I knew I was not destined to go to college. Exposed to the hot sun for more than two months, it was a full ten degrees black.

what is even more maddening is that the air conditioner of every car in driving school is miraculously "broken".

I can only complain from the bottom of my heart while getting into the hot-baked car, the old seat smelling of sweat rubbing on it.

occasionally the coach will do something good, putting some branches on the roof of the car in an attempt to keep the leaves out of the sun, thinking that this will keep the temperature in the car a little cooler.

whether the temperature has dropped or not, I don't know, but driving a car with a branch on it is really funny.

outside the window is the coach yelling in the sunshade: "you are told to turn the steering wheel when you see the edge of the white line in the rearview mirror. Every time your reaction is half a beat slower than others, look, you are pressing the line again!"

with regard to the specific operation of subject 2, the coach designed a set of fixed action plans, and was full of confidence in the research results of this teaching for many years: "as long as you follow my method, subject 2 will never fail."

I listened to his instructions mechanically, hitting the steering wheel over and over again, and each time I backed into the garage almost perfectly.

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I remember firmly that I saw this line and turned the steering wheel to the left. I saw that corner and reset the steering wheel. But I won't back the car into the parking space until I get my driver's license.

I have also carefully asked the reasons for those operations, and all I got was the impatient "listen to me and you can pass the second grade".

it's like filling in a blank question. The teacher tells you the answer to each blank. Pat your chest to make sure you can get full marks for memorizing the answer. But he never told you the steps of the solution, and if you change the parameters of the question, it is still a problem that you will not know how to solve.

he patted his thigh in chagrin: "it's better for you young people. Now we have gradually derailed with new things." if I also surf the Internet frequently, this kind of information asymmetry would not occur. "

and in a burst of amazement, I could not help explaining sheepishly: "but I still don't dare to hit the road for such a long time."

some people want to have one more skill to make it easier to travel.

but some people may be because a certificate of skills can be exchanged for comprehensive tests and credits.

but whatever it is, the moment you get in the driver's seat, fasten your seat belt, and step on the throttle, you have to be responsible for yourself, for other vehicles, for pedestrians on the road.

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