From now on, I'll leave it to you.

From now on, I'll leave it to you.
The idea is a bit impractical, but I do think so.

but I will inevitably miss my boyfriend and go to him unconsciously.

then I'll chat with you.

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if someone says to you, "it's all right, I'll stay with you."

if, what we want to say in the "Deep hug" series is:

then, in the "I gave you a moment" series, what we want to say is:

whether it is the author and reader who "borrow" each other for a minute at the beginning of the story, or the "I am willing to give you time" in the comic book story.

| about the bracelet this time |

but this time it appears in a very special form. It is neither a dress nor a bag.


if the bracelet is the protagonist of this film.

this time, both watch cases and envelopes are made by gilding process , which costs about ten times as much as ordinary cartons. The cost of a box alone goes to 25 yuan.

there are ten "I" neatly arranged in the upper left corner of the envelope, which looks like a supplementary description of the strokes on the front of the box.

but why ten "I"?

because I care about you, I want to give you "me".

they are the basic elements of any number and can make up any number about time.

and in the lower right corner of the envelope is a small colored egg , with "73065" in the box.

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