Friendship in boys' dormitory is not easy either.

Friendship in boys' dormitory is not easy either.

after that, I began to observe the boys around me and collected some stories. Then found that, although boys say brothers every day, but really ask them if they have any good friends, it is difficult for them to name.

from the wind

the roommate in the lower bunk caught a cold and coughed for many days.

as a matter of fact, I have been struggling for several days, because over the past three years, our relationship has been really ordinary, and we have no common topics in our daily life, let alone have dinner and chat together.

that makes me feel sorry if I don't buy this medicine.

so I got up early the next weekend, went to the school infirmary, then rushed back to the dormitory and quietly threw the medicine on his desk.

after waking up, the lower bunk did not ask who bought it, but sent me two words "Thank you" on Wechat.

after all, feelings have to grow out of "you come and go".

from Zhoulu

my good friend Chen Dong suddenly asked me to go to the movies. At that time, I was working on a design plan and had been up for two nights in a row. It's just that he said in a repressed voice on the other end of the phone, "I've bought the ticket, come here" or asked me to turn off my computer and hurried out with a coat, because I knew he was quarreling with his girlfriend these days.

when I arrived at the cinema, it was more than 1 o'clock in the morning, but Chen Dong was not seen in the slightly deserted hall. I bought two portions of popcorn and Dake in the service area and waited for him to arrive quietly for ten minutes, half an hour, an hour.

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wait until the warm sweet popcorn in my hand becomes cold and greasy, and when the Coke with ice becomes too hot, Chen Dongcai finally appears, but not one person, but two, he and his girlfriend.

he took his girlfriend and apologized to me as he walked along. In order to save him some face, I put away my smelly face and said with a smile, "you pay for dinner tonight."

gradually, I began to say that I was busy and even told him "I'm not interested in movies" and "LOL has been quit".

forget it.