Forget it. Let's talk about it tomorrow.

Forget it. Let's talk about it tomorrow.
Knowing yourself is probably the least objective thing in the world.

my colleague stood at the door with a satchel and motioned to me with his eyes: "if you don't go, there will be no subway later."

I looked up from the table: "it's all right, I'll take a taxi after I finish this."

although he spoke in an euphemistic tone, after taking a sip of his drink, I unconsciously replied:

"how can you expect tomorrow to finish what you can't handle today?"

he is really a little helpless.

some people say that all paranoia, in the final analysis, is helpless.

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"I don't like subway stations with traffic restrictions in the morning."

"I don't like the feeling that my brain is stuck for three hours when I write an advertisement."

but the truth is, I still rise and fall in the crowd of Line 3 every day; I stay alone in the Internet bar during the holiday; I scold Party A while banging in front of the blank screen.

this state is indeed a bit masochistic.

I am often advised to take a step back.

after all, I understand the truth, but I can never do it

because "be nice to yourself" is, to some extent, a very "gentle" compromise.

whether it's leaving a strange city or giving up a difficult relationship, any decision that makes life easier can be classified into this category.

but in my eyes, this "gentleness" is the same as when a doctor says to a terminally ill patient, "go back and have something to eat." it's a sign of giving up treatment.


I've always been such a strange person.

We talked for a long time that night, but we didn't come to any useful conclusions.

because in this world, not everyone knows what is good for themselves, or, in more detail, not everyone knows what is good for them.

but compared with the former, the pain caused by the latter is often less likely to be detected, and even if found, few people will take the initiative to remind them.

you know, although sometimes "be nice to yourself" can avoid a lot of problems, but the other way around is that you have once again lost the opportunity to solve this problem.

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