For fear of breaking up, I dare not take my friend home.

For fear of breaking up, I dare not take my friend home.
Don't come.

everything in his house is odd, a chair, a pair of bowls and chopsticks, a cup.

when I saw that house, I thought it was my dream house.

Young children are very naughty and will play on the sofa in their shoes and rub sticky sugar against the furniture.

as soon as there are more people, the pots and pans of the guests are several times that of their own families, and the guests go home happily after eating, and it takes more than an hour to clean up the greasy kitchen.

as soon as there are more people, the excitement brings me more noise, and I feel that the house is full of smoke.

in order to get a better school, my family moved from the town to the city after primary school. We have no relatives or friends in the city, and naturally no one will visit our house.

since then, the family has really given the feeling of "this is my home", and not everyone can casually come in and enjoy it.

We are the kind of friends who go wherever you go. The kind will ask, "I'm not taking a lunch break at school this semester, so why don't you come with me to the pick-up station?" A friend of mine.

it was the first time for me to be a guest at a friend's house alone. I felt like a little adult.

before leaving, she invited me to eat Egg-Yolk Puff brought back by relatives from Macao. Because it was so delicious, I ate a lot and asked her sheepishly, "would you like to come to my house, too?" .

I prepared slippers for her, cleaned up the house carefully, got up early and waited for her to come.

she happened to catch a cold that day and skillfully stepped on the heel of her sneaker and pulled her foot out. I pointed to the ground and said they were slippers.

before I knew it, she had already entered the room. I quickly followed her and introduced the bunk bed in front of her. "underneath is my brother's, I sleep in the upper bunk."

"she stepped across the floor in her socks and stepped on our bed again. She touched my bed before she washed her hands after wiping her nose. " that was the only thought on my mind at that time.

after that, I never brought a friend home again.

after that day, I found more and more small details about her not being clean. I don't like her as much as I used to.

A few months ago, crayfish was still very popular. With my boyfriend hoarding six boxes in the middle of the year, there was no room for the refrigerator, and the cheap joked that she would come and help us eat it.

when we first met him, we saw each other in the office every day, but never spoke, thinking that each other should be superior and difficult to get along with.

but I was still worried when I heard that the cheap would come to our house for dinner.

perhaps the biggest worry is that I am afraid that at the time of a meal, I begin to dislike him.

after entering the door, he glanced at the shoes by the door, stepped off his heels skillfully, and carried the food into the kitchen with socks on.

seeing that he is afraid of stepping on the floor of the house, I am even more embarrassed. The floor has not been mopped for a long time.

just before that day, the two of us had a cold war because of trifles, so we took the opportunity to review the whole thing.

when I arrived at the dinner table, my boyfriend and I were still talking to ourselves, peeling crayfish at the other end.

he noticed that I was looking at him and tried to open his eyes and say to me, "leave me alone. That's how I eat. I don't wake up when I eat too much."


Let nature take its course, my boyfriend and I let our guard down in front of bitches and talked about the unpleasant personal things between our lovers.

and because of the special treatment of "coming to my house", our friendship seems to be sublimated overnight, making people feel more intimate.

but when you bring a friend to your private territory, you will quickly find out whether he is also clean, whether he happens to be as good as your favorite dish, whether he is measured, and whether the details of life are just the same.

if a friend wipes his nose and then eats in a teahouse, you will think it is a normal thing. And if you still go to the table like this in your house, you can't stand it.

Today I want to offer another way that may be faster and more accurate:

take it home for dinner.

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