For a 25-year-old boy, "how to fall in love" is more important than "who to fall in love with".

For a 25-year-old boy, "how to fall in love" is more important than "who to fall in love with".
Loving yourself is not a kind of selfishness, only loving yourself is.

in fact, this is not the first time I have experienced a similar conversation this year.

especially for people in the Internet industry, there are always a few friends of the same age who are unemployed.

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especially since the end of last year, all the major Internet giants have all blown up a storm of layoffs, and most of the resumes sent out have sunk into the sea. The whole industry is jittery and people are in a state of panic.

at this juncture, it's like "you forgot to give me some takeout, so you don't care about me." Couples who quarrel repeatedly for such trivial reasons and eventually lead to a breakup have little chance of getting back together.

you begin to grow only when you admit that some seemingly failed experiences are meaningful.

at this age, you should also understand that it is definitely not that person you like, but the kind of person you like.

in other words, if you always feel that you are not meeting someone, the root of the problem is likely to be yourself.

Why do I have to add a "usually"?

this emotion does not solve any real problem except to hasten the end of a relationship.

can be shared materially, but be independent spiritually.

the reason why there are so many feelings is that a lot of strange things have happened around me recently.

"after two or three years of work, you should have achieved something, right?"

gradually you will feel that many people around you are waiting for you to give an explanation.

but what if it doesn't?

so in the end, I want to talk about loss.

and of all the accusations and criticisms, the things that hurt you most are often the things that you think the same way.

ask two questions:

did you star us?