Flip! Get out! Come on! Peng Yuyan

Flip! Get out! Come on! Peng Yuyan
However, they can always deny the voice in their hearts that they can't do it, and then go ahead and fight.

but that year, Peng Yuyan did not have the strength to question his fate. He was cheated by a brokerage company and owed tens of millions of yuan in debt. He had no choice but to fight.

want to be a fire shadow but even failed in the graduation exam three times Naruto clenched his teeth and roared: I am afraid of failure, but I am more afraid of my inner surrender.

Hanamichi Sakuragi, who didn't even know how to play basketball but decided to join the basketball department because of a word from the person he liked, roared with laughter: there is no impossible in the dictionary of genius.

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the same persistence, optimism, and emotion.

he said, "the reason I work so hard is because my mother works harder than I do."

this passage seems to be about Peng Yuyan, but in fact it is also about his mother.

Children from single-parent families are always more sensitive, and Peng Yuyan is no doubt aware that his mother is very hard.

emotional people always try to make their loved ones happier. When he is not able to improve the financial conditions of his family, all he can do is to obey.

"he, who didn't like reading, was admitted to the best university in Vancouver."

the well-known version is that Peng Yuyan, whose grandmother died in 2002, went back to Taiwan for a funeral and met a director he knew in an advertisement when he was a child. the director invited him to star in the White Paper on Love, and he went.

if you go and get money, no matter how much it is, you can always make your mother work less hard.

Peng Yuyan spent most of his childhood with his grandmother, who was a fashionable old man who liked watching movies best in the 1990s and often took Peng to the cinema.

this is very similar to the plot in "Slam Dunk" in which Hanamichi Sakuragi joined the basketball team because of his favorite girl Akagi haruko.

but the fact that "people who care like it" can be an opportunity for Peng Yuyan to enter the show business, but it is not enough to ensure his survival in the show business.

"once when I was filming, I put on my makeup very early. After 6 o'clock, I went back to my room to sleep before I started acting, and then I dreamt that Grandma was watching me shoot where I was filming. She said you were great now."

in 2002-2009, Peng Yuyan didn't like acting very much in the first eight years. When the play didn't film him, he wouldn't watch it. He just wanted to go back to sleep. This had something to do with every script he had at that time, the same love idol drama.

however, this kind of success is so easy that people will indulge in it accidentally.

it's the same in reality, it's hard to make progress if you don't really like what the person you care about likes.

2009, which was soon mentioned at the beginning, came, and like all warm-blooded teenagers, Peng Yuyan was unfortunate and lucky enough to usher in a major blow in his life.

this means that 26-year-old Peng Yuyan has to rely on his mother once again, and his mother has to help him take on a huge debt.

"I'm not good enough".

emotional people can't stand the fact that their favorite family members have to shoulder the burden of life again because of themselves.

during that time, Peng Yuyan had a nervous breakdown. He couldn't sleep all night, and his spirit fell into extreme anxiety.

Director Lin Yuxian has told him that he is not the ideal candidate for the leading actor, and if the producer did not think he could, the opportunity would not belong to him.

Peng Yuyan once said: "that's what I am. If anyone asks me if you can, I'll say yes first." the premise of saying this sentence is not only strength, but also more self-confidence than ordinary people.

can you be a completely different person?

so shoot "tumble!" In "Ashin", Peng Yuyan began to play with his life in order to become Ashin.

Peng Yuyan said: "if I can do it myself, I will do it myself."

I can't imagine how far Peng Yuyan has achieved. I can only knock down a passage from Lin Yuxin.

this means that Peng Yuyan has become Peng Ashin.

there is no doubt that this is Peng Yuyan's "luck" that is not weaker than that of warm-blooded teenagers. However, no one can say that luck must be good:

this is the same as when warm-blooded teenagers take a leapfrog challenge with stronger opponents in animation. If you win, you can break through the existing bottleneck and climb another tall building. If you lose, you will die.

fortunately, Peng Yuyan forced himself to win again.

because of this sentence, Peng Yuyan thought again and again in front of the mirror that even if the action he had in mind was only a little worse, he would start all over again.

in 2013, in Guild Wars, Peng Yuyan learned martial arts and fighting from coach MMA, accompanied by strenuous exercise and dieting. Three months later, when Peng Yuyan entered the ring in the movie, the body fat rate was 3% (15% for normal men, 18%).

Operation Mekong in 2016, he went to the Golden Triangle with a real gun, and a Chinese netizen who lived in Thailand for several years said excitedly that "Peng Yuyan didn't say a word wrong in Thai" after watching the movie.

looking at Peng Yuyan's second placeFor eight years (2010-2018), if we put his scenes in a row, you will find that Peng Yuyan always likes to challenge new roles.

to pick up the "shiver 2", "dangerous City"villain" series, followed by "Operation Mekong" police and bandit film, and this year's "evil does not prevail over evil".

the day after the release of the movie Breaking Wind, Peng Yuyan talked with the reporter of Southern Weekly about some tidbits of filming:

in August of the same year, a reporter from Sina Entertainment asked him, "it takes much more time and hard work to make this kind of film than romantic films. Will it pay a lot more?"

this sentence would have been impossible for Peng Yuyan, who had just made his debut. Acting was only a way to make money for him at that time.

if the ninja road ends with the Shadow of Fire, the pirate road ends with becoming the King of Thief, and the basketball road ends with defeating all opponents and becoming the champion.


looking back on Peng Yuyan's past 36 years, he seems to be exactly the same as Prida in this picture.

at the age of 19, he made some money and was able to take his mother on a trip and let her have her own shop, but the good times did not last long, and he was fooled by fate for a whole year without filming. At that time, he was idle at home and thought of giving up. This was the second time he had grown up.

Peng Yuyan later admitted frankly that before Huang Feihong, which is full of difficult martial arts plays, his first reaction was not to come to me. Because he is also an ordinary person, he will not be as excited as the warm-blooded protagonist when he is in trouble.

in the final analysis, what bears the greatest resemblance between Peng Yuyan and the protagonist in warm blood is not a strong figure, nor is he fearless in the face of a strong enemy.

and then go for it.


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